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war in Rohan post-Helm's Deep

Tolkien writes in "The Muster of Rohan":

"As they rode rumour came of war in the North. Lone men, riding wild, brought word of foes assailing their east-borders, of orc-hosts marching in the Wold of Rohan.

"'Ride on! Ride on!' cried Eomer. 'Too late now to turn aside. The fens of Entwash must guard our flank. Haste now we need. Ride on!'"

So what happened in Rohan after Theoden and the Riders went to Gondor? Did these orcs attack the mountain strongholds like Dunharrow?

What of Eowyn? Did she tell anyone in Dunharrow that she was riding to Gondor, appoint a successor of some sort? If she didn't tell anyone, would they have tried to search for her, and with what result?

Was Wormtongue really the only worm in Rohan at the time? Did the nobles who had supported Wormtongue perhaps find another one? what impact would this have had on the post-HD situaiton in Rohan?

Theoden hints that Eomer's suggestion might not be automatic. As he dies on the field of Pelennor he says:

"Where is Éomer? For my eyes darken, and I would see him ere I go. He must be king after me..."

Why does Theoden say must? this suggests there may be some doubt that Eomer will be accepted as king by all the Rohirrim.

Any other ideas? Feel free to discuss these ideas or any others on this topic you might have.




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