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The Temptation of Sauron

How do you suppose Sauron came to be as he was? Everyone has a beginning, and Sauron's was in the House of Aule. What could possess a powerful maia to forsake his duty in exchange for power? The challenge is to write a story explaining how Sauron came to be on Melkor's team, whether it be when it happened or in reflection.



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

I'd be interested to see fics about this, as Sauron's turn is usually assumed. There are a few fics that touch on this I can think of, but none really go to the heart of it, at least, not that I've read. Takers?



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

Parody? Or is this supposed to be serious? Or does it not matter?



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

Tyellas has written one. It's at her site here, It's called "Terrible Alchemy." Be warned: it's slash, very adult, very dark. Borderline non-con, as you can imagine. Both the theology AND the geology are frightening! (It has a lot of really interesting ideas on Maia spirit/form; how the spirit influences the form and vice versa. And Sauron both seems to choose his fate and be predisposed to it by his nature.) It's a fascinating subject that I think could support a lot of different fics and interpretations.



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

Hi! I came across your idea in the Nuzgul Hutch not long ago, and it latched its little fangs into my leg! So I'm writing one, which I don't yet have a name for - I may just call it 'The Temptation Of Sauron' - but I do have two chapters! The prologue will be up soon - I'm halfway through the 3rd Draft! Thanx! DD



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

I'd be interested, especially if you allow parodies. Either way, though. CLF



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

Would you be interested in making this a more general challenge-how/why any of the Maia came to switch sides? I ask because a little Saruman nuzgul has attached itself firmly to my ankle and won't let go. ;), Elemmíre



Re: The Temptation of Sauron

Ok- just to let anyone whose interested know - I've posted the Prologue of mine. The story's called 'Fallen'. Please, read it! Hope you like it, and I hope it's OK! Demon D If you'd like to read it the link is - here



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