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Orc and Goblin Children

I was reading one of daw's stories when I came across the expression 'little orcs' and I started wondering, what would a little orc act like? Would orc children have mothers? How would they be treated by them? What sort of things did an orc-child do during its younger years? Were they always evil monsters or were they trained to be so brutish? Heres your task (for anyone that's interested) write any sort of submission and plead the case of an orc (mother, or child etc. you dont have to state just where the orc came from or anything) and maybe give us a glimpse of life through an orc's eyes. Are they all really truly evil or just a product of their environment, where they're hated and hunted by all other creatures of middle-earth? (I know, not the most appealing challenge...but hey...) ~VG



Re: Orc and Goblin Children

Hey, Vanima! If you came up with this idea, take a look at Life and Times of the Orcs. AmandaK came up with this one, and there is definitely scope to write something on a young orc in this challenge already. Thanks for the idea! Always, Allie



Re: Orc and Goblin Children

What I've been wondering, inspired by another post, is whether or not orc babies were orc babies? What if they looked like elves or something, until their parents or another orc did a ritual that made them disformed? Just an odd thought . . .



Re: Orc and Goblin Children

CLF, in the Life and Times of the Orcs-challenge (thanks Allie, you were way ahead of me there ), Elanor submitted an essay with some very deep thoughts on orc children as well as extensive research from many Tolkien-sources regarding orcs. Find the essay here Amanda (who'd love to see more fiction exploring orcs and orc-babies...)



Re: Orc and Goblin Children

That's the post and essay I was thinking of. Thanks, Amanda! That's an interesting idea . . .something I've been thinking about writing lately.



Re: Orc and Goblin Children

Oops, thanks. Is there anyway this thing can be deleted then? ~VG



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