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Beleriand under the sea

Crazy idea: what if someone decided to search for the ruins of Beleriand in the sea? Or came upon them by chance while diving? Anyone into diving??



Re: Beleriand under the sea

Fascinating idea, Minuial! Just bouncing ideas here... What if it was any culture, any time? Discovering past ruins, and thinking about ancient cultures? It could be modern day, discovering a piece of an Imladris statue; or it could be past, like Legolas musing on the stones of Hollin (Token Oft-Used Example). I might also direct you to Tolkien's Challenge, which focuses on land through changing times. If worded carefully, this would be different enough to merit its own challenge. Allie



Re: Beleriand under the sea

You are right, it might fit there well. But I'll think of a better wording and then might repost a challenge. Let me just gather more ideas...



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