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A HASA Holidays Challenge!

I propose a quick HASA Holidays Challenge!
The Lithe Challenge
The hobbits celebrate midsummer during three days, First Lithe on June 21, Midyear's Day on June 22 and Afterlithe on June 23 (dates are converted to our modern calendar). Therefore I propose a Lithe Challenge that opens on June 21 and closes on June 23. Topic: celebrating midsummer in Middle-earth Length: any you can manage to write in three days - be it drabble, haiku or cinquain, vignette, short story or novel! Any takers? Yours JunoMagic



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

Sure. Just tell me where to post. Haiku will be flying! RiverOtter



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

Hobbits?!? Count me in!



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

YEEHAW! Already 3 - THREE - takers for the Lithe Challenge. We only need two more! Who else is willing to give this a try? Come on, folks, at least have a LOOK! (Looking doesn't hurt at all...) Cheers, Juno



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

You can count me as number 4. Gandalfs apprentice



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

Brilliant! And I think I head a little bird singing to me that Narwen is interested, too. *looks around searchingly* ~ Juno



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

Cinquain - now you have my Muse excited. RiverOtter



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

I'm here! And very much interested. Especially if we can do some insta-drabbling around this. So count me in. - Narwen Ooh! We have 5! Therefore, this can be created!



Re: A HASA Holidays Challenge!

Done! Both challenge and discussion are now up and running. - Narwen



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