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Filk Fest 2005

Over at the Henneth_Annun list I suggested a challenge where we write filks based on songs from Broadway or movies. Any Tolkien topic is fine. I've already written one, as has Dwim. Are there any other takers? Marta



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Gronyats just wrote one, so that's three.



Re: Filk Fest 2005

I'm working on one. Elemmíre



Re: Filk Fest 2005

That's four pledges (if you count Gronyats)! One more taker and this can become an open Challenge! Anybody? ~Nienna



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Azalais just wrote one, and I'm confident she can be convinced to enter it. Does that make five?



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Does that make five? Yes, it does. Are you sure Azalais and Gronyats are in? Challenge coming soon. Any preferences on how the description is worded and the deadline? ~Nienna



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Are you sure Azalais and Gronyats are in?

Azalais is (curse you, Dwimmerlaik...) And I've done two now. I'll put 'em both in, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb...



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Yes, it does. Are you sure Azalais and Gronyats are in? One can always prod... Dwim



Re: Filk Fest 2005

*faints with delight* Show tunes?? I can write Denthor in Les Miserables?? How fiendishly delightful... Marta, you've successfully combined two things near and dear to my heart: Tolkien, and musical drama. What delight! Allie (scurrying off to wreak musical havoc)



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Allie - you're in? That makes 5 - the challenge is ON! Fergus PS - Marta, do you have a write up for the challenge? Send it to me if you have one.



Re: Filk Fest 2005

Here you go, everyone:

Challenge and Discussion!




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