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Kids Do the Durnedest Things...

Someone pointed out on a list completely unconnected to HASA that *drumroll please*...

September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate" Day!

Now, this may be a sign that I'm just a tad obsessed but my first thought was "What would the Gondorians have thought if they had a 'Talk Like a Corsair' day?" But there's no reason to limit it just to just pirates. Here's my idea:

1. Pick your favourite group.
2. Pick a well-known enemy of that group.
3. Write some way that (2) was entered into the culture of (1) in an, um, less than tragic manner.

Running with my "talk like a Corsair" thought, what would Aragorn, the man who led the assault on the Corsairs as Thorongil, have thought to see that assault play-acted by his son with his friends? Or how about a variation of "Cowboys and Indians"? UT says (I think) that Eomer's son Elfwine bore a resemblance to Imrahil. Would he be made to play Wulf in a game of "Eorlingas and Dunlanders"?

It doesn't have to be light-hearted. Ioreth and the healers had all those boys in the Houses of Healing before the siege. Could there have been a game where the boys pitted rangers vs orcs in an idealised version of battle? And if so, what would their guardians have thought, who knew the boys were about to see war firsthand?

And it doesn't even have to be prose. How would the dwarves treat the loss of Moria, or the death of Smaug? To paraphrase I think Thundera Tiger's words in another forum, they might not want to sully their new halls with too gruesome of a tale. Might it find its way into a drinking song?

And what about hobbits? Merry says "it is the way of my people to use light words at such times and say less than they mean. We fear to say too much." (ROTK, "The Houses of Healing") How would they have remembered the Occupation and the Battle of Bywater? Would someone have cast it into a comic ballad?

There's of course great potential with the Elves, if only because of their long memory. For years there was great animosity between the Feanorians and pretty much all the other kindreds. But then most elves left in Middle-earth end up in Eregion... did the Feanorians have any games that cast "lesser" Elves in a less-than-favorable light? What might a Sindar elf of Eregion have thought on seeing those games?

I've given some pretty specific examples, just to give you an idea of the potential stories that might fit into this. What do you guys think? Any takers? Any form, any length.




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