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The Art Challenge

It's been much too quiet here in the Prospective Challenges forum lately.

Therefore I offer a new Challenge!

The Art Challenge, or

The "Old Masters" Challenge

I am often fascinated by old paintings. I see a portrait, a landscape, or even a still life and I go: "This is SO Middle-earth!"

Does that happen to you, too? Then this is your Challenge!

The Challenge is:

  1. go to an online art page*
  2. pick a picture of a painting from any time before 1900
  3. write a piece of Tolkien fanfiction about the scene or person shown in this painting
  4. the picture (for example hosted by Photobucket or Imageshack), or a link to the picture, should be provided in your story


Any victims takers?

Most evilly (and creatively) yours


*There are many excellent resources for art online that display high resolution scans of old paintings and even allow to download them.

For example:



Re: The Art Challenge

I'm definitely intrigued by this one. I would enter it. There is some rich territory to be mined for nearly anyone's taste. Just to get your imaginations rolling here are some suggestions for material. Check out Pre-Raphaelite artists for scenes fromall Ages. Lawrence Alma-Tadema or other Orientalist painters could work well for Silmarillion-based tales. The works American landscape painters of Hudson River School are filled with nature scenes that sure look like parts of Middle-earth to me. Look at Juno Magic's use of John Williams Waterhouse's work (and that of others) in "Tides of Time and the Bones of the Earth." If the above material is too pretty for you, there is world of dark, angst-ridden material out there as well. One can insert pictures that do not take that long to load—I am still working in the dark ages of "dial up" myself and I do it all the time in e-mails with photos to the more technologically challenged and impatient of my family members.

One nit-picky point: I think of "Old Masters" as the work of a particular group of 16th, 17th, 18th century European painters, but won't press the point.



Re: The Art Challenge

One nit-picky point: I think of "Old Masters" as the work of a particular group of 16th, 17th, 18th century European painters, but won't press the point.

*snerk* Generally I tend to agree with you, but "Old Masters" is a bit more catchy as a title than for example "Art Before 1900"-Challenge or "Art that is 100% Public Domain"- Challenge... 

Thank you for your kind words about my experiment with illustrating the "Tides"! 

And hooray for the first victim taker. Three more and we are set to go!

About the problem of inserting pictures and "Ye Olde Dialle Uppe": 

I  think if we insert pictures in stories (or even if we link to them), it's necessary to give a thought or two to the size of the pictures. Smaller pictures are fairly easy to download even without a hi-speed connection, and the huge scans at Art Renewal are sometimes driving even my hi-speed dsl crazy...

Apart from that:

Yay, art




Re: The Art Challenge





Re: The Art Challenge

Look, Juno! It appears that you have two victims already. (Did I say victims...?)  Counting yourself, that's three. Only two more left to go and you'll have yourself a very evil challenge...


EDIT: *reads over challenge description again*

Interesting... No, I refuse to get sucked in! No! Ahhh!

*succumbs* Looks like you can count me too, Juno...



Re: The Art Challenge

This sounds like lots of fun, count me in!
When's the proposed deadline?




Re: The Art Challenge

*excited waving at the other takers*

I'd suggest a healthy nine months... I hope to get many more interested in this Challenge and as there are so many college students already home for Christmas and with limited internet access, I'd like to give them time to succumb to this Challenge in spring... and then, of course, more time to come up with wonderful pictures and stories. 

What do you think?




Re: The Art Challenge

I like the way you think. Nine months sounds great so September 2006.
Write it up please. I'll list it in the next Challenge newsletter.




Re: The Art Challenge

Challenge and Discussion!





Re: The Art Challenge

All right. I give. I'm in on this one. It's a great idea. I just have one question. What is the length supposed to be? Are we talking drabbles or short stories?




Re: The Art Challenge

Hi Thorongiel,

This is already a full-fledged Challenge. You can participate: HERE 

The Challenge closes on September 9.

How much you write is entirely up to you: drabble, drouble, tribble, quabble, quibble, ficlet, short story, novella, novel, epic... Whatever you feel like!




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