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Make your LaCE

LaCE, Laws and coustoms of the Eldar, is greatly debated amoung the Elf-writers on the list. Is it cannon? Is it all true? Is it a lie told by a Man as a lesson to other Men? Is it a joke told by a Noldor to confuse Men and Moriquendi? Show your answer in a story.

Marta created this from a discussion developed from the Silmarillion discussion thread on the chapter "Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor". Juno has accepted, I am in, any three others who want to *really* deal with Elven sexuality: not fluff, not PWP?

Dean Maiaof Este
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Re: Make your LaCE

Count me in. Can we have a long-term deadline, please?

Gandalfs apprentice 



Re: Make your LaCE

Because I am generally evil and depraved I posted once, a long time ago, the essay of LaCE in my LiveJournal for scholarly purposes.

It's LaCE Annotated - hoping to make reading it easier for the casual user and an endeavour to show why we should be very, very careful using words such as "seldom". The good professor was not *quite* careful enough. *cough*

Read and enjoy!

Most evilly yours,




Re: Make your LaCE

i'm in... got a few prospectives... :-)



Re: Make your LaCE

I definitely want to get in on this one! The question is do I do it straight or as a parody? Your canon or mine? I'm looking forward to solving those personal writing problems.




Re: Make your LaCE

Does it have to deal with the sexuality aspect? Because I find that to be dependent on other more interesting factors.




Re: Make your LaCE

I know Dean originally posted this, and so I'm wary of stepping on his toes a bit. But as I was the one who proposed it over at the Yahoo group...

I have no problem with this not dealing with sexuality directly. The key point is to take something about or from LACE and give a creative interpretation of it in fic. This could definitely include the origin of LACE or the sexuality stuff, but anything else that's in there is fair game. Are you thinking of some of the gender relations stuff, like that women lost some of their vitality after giving birth? Something like that could be really good, and I think would fit the spirit of the challenge.




Re: Make your LaCE

As is usual, I want the metaphysics: LaCE and the bits about the Gift of Men in an early chapter of the Silm are the only places where Tolkien gives us a clear indication of the essential differences between Elves and Men.

Don't ask how I plan to fit this into story form. I have pieces trying to coalesce, but I have a feeling it'll be a year before I can articulate them dramatically, unless something clicks in my head unexpectedly.




Re: Make your LaCE

If the original poster will set a deadline, this will become a full blown challenge.




Re: Make your LaCE

Hey guys,

The Challenges volunteer responsible for setting up challenges is underaged and asked that she not set up a challenge that has the potential to spawn so many adult entries. I have now done this. I gave it a deadline a year from today (3/17/2007).




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