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New Arrivals

I just spent an hour on the phone with a cousin who recently gave birth to her first child. During that conversation it occurred to me how much a child affects not just the parents but everyone around them. And in the case of many of our canonical heroes who were nobility or royalty, their births would have had a remarkable impact on whole realms of people.

So the challenge: give us a reaction to the birth of any of Tolkien's characters. The pieces can be any length, any POV, any race or time period, and the person reacting can be an OC or canonical, but the new arrival should at least be implied by Tolkien. Some possible scenarios:

- the proud parents find out they are expecting
- the reaction of someone actually present when the baby is born
- the babe is presented to his people for the first time (great for OCs to get varied perspectives)
- someone from far away receives a letter carrying the news

or something else along those lines. Whatever strikes your fancy.

These pieces can be quite fun because they let you get at the heart of a relationship in a story no longer than a vignette. Also great for cross-cultural moments. Any takers?




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