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Happy Birthday, HASA!

At the beginning of July we celebrate the birthday of HASA.

Our Henneth Annûn Story Archive turns four!

To celebrate this 4th anniversary, HASA asks for a drabble about your favourite character and the number four.

I suggest that we turn the collection of HASA's birthday cards into a Birthday Challenge again.

Anyone want to join the party?




Happy Birthday, HASA!

Unaware that this thread was here, I posted my birthday gift in the main birthday forum. Here it is again.

--Gandalfs apprentice


With a relieved sigh, Gilraen sank into a deep chair. Since waking at dawn, her son had been climbing stairs, running on his sturdy legs through gardens and hallways, shrieking with delighted glee at each new thing and befriending each new person. His mother struggled to keep up.

At last, she could rest. He was quietly playing by himself, absorbed in a pair of toy wooden horses, exquisitely carved and burnished by Elven hands. Watching him coax the horses along the carpet in jumps and trots, one in each fist, she marveled at his young resilience. What happened to the terrified little boy calling for his father? Is Lord Elrond right—he will forget Arathorn, forget our people, forget even his own name?

The door opened. "Good morning, Gilraen, Estel," said Elrond.

Her son ran to hug the Elven-lord's legs, crying, "Papa!"

"Look, Estel, I have brought you two more horses."

"I have four horses, mama," he shouted.

Her eyes blurring with sudden tears, she reached out to him. "Areg, come here."

"Not Areg, mama. Estel. Papa, play with me!"

Meeting her eyes over the boy's small, dark head, Elrond smiled sympathetically. "Go rest, Gilraen. I'll look after him now."

Note: Thanks to Gwynnyd for helping me with diminutives in Sindarin. "Areg," formed from the first syllable of Aragorn's name and the suffix –eg (roughly equivalent to the English –let), means "little king" or, perhaps, "kinglet."



Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

Here is my Drabble as well. Happy Birthday, HASA

Four Hobbits 

Aragorn sighed and shifted his position on the hard chair, trying to get at least a bit comfortable. He had not dared to sleep more than two or three hours, and even then he had not been able to find any rest, for his dreams were troubled.

Bad luck seemed to be following him lately, the massacre at Sarn Ford, the mysterious absence of Gandalf, and now the Úlairi were alerted to the presence of the Ring.

He looked at the four sleeping hobbits in front of the hearth and sighed again. Gandalf had told him about two and he had been surprised to find three in the Ring-bearer's company. But it mattered not now, for it could not be changed. He would have to manage four of them.




Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

Lovely stories!  I adore Reckoning, it's one of the best pieces about little Aragorn's adjustment to Rivendell that I've ever seen - I can just imagine Gilraen's heart quietly breaking even while pleased at her little boy's happiness.   And Vil's Four Hobbits is a delightful homage to HASA's birthday.  I feel sorry for Aragorn, who is suddenly babysitting not one or two, but four imperilled hobbits!  No wonder the poor man can't sleep. 




Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

Here's my 4th Birthday Card to HASA (previously posted on the H-A list and the July Birthday Cards forum since I didn't realize it belonged here) - slightly angsty, but not completely..  Faramir marks the passage of time in this quatrain of true drabbles:



Four hours after I awoke, I learned that my father was dead. I knew that I should weep, but no tears came, only shock that the world no longer held my closest kin within it. That world was gone forever.

I turned my head to the window and beheld the returned sun. I remembered that our King had come back and guided me out of the darkness. A Northern stranger had renewed my life and given me what my father could not - hope. I pushed my grief aside, and clung tightly to that hope, and so could sleep again.



Four days after I awoke, I overheard not only word of the true nature of my father's death, but of the death he had ordered for me. Grief and anger warred within me.

Heartsick, I fled my chamber. I wandered the Houses of Healing, combed its library shelves. But for once, no scroll or tome could ease my unrest.

I finally entered the garden. I walked awhile, then stood still, savoring the sun's welcome touch. And in the next moment, I saw the White Lady for the first time; and my heart forgot its sickness and sought to allay hers.



Four months after my awakening, I greeted my lady's brother on his return to Minas Tirith.

I showed Eomer the chambers where Eowyn would one day live with me. Aided by my cousin Lothiriel, I had begun to have the most dreary furnishings removed from the Steward's quarters. 'Twas important, my cousin counseled, for a young woman's comfort in a new dwelling, to have her own possessions at hand.

I suddenly wondered what my father would think of his bedchamber wall being adorned by the armor of the Witch-King's slayer. And just as suddenly, I realized I did not care.



Four years have passed since I woke to a changed world. I have more power and wealth than I could have ever dreamed would be mine. And dearest of all these riches are my wife and my son.

Elboron spoke his first word today. He called out "Adar!". I praised him, even as I was assailed by sorrow . For I had uttered my last words to Denethor in Sindarin, and I had called him Adar.

Grief returned, like a torrent of spring rain. At last, as I held my son and kissed his brow, I wept for my father.




RAKSHA THE DEMON, wishing HASA many more years!



P.S. I'm not sure that the title is a good one - suggestions are welcome. Also, I'm wondering if my idea that Lothiriel helped Faramir redo the Steward's apartments for Eowyn's eventual coming came from my head or a fanfic, so if anyone has heard of that idea in a fanfic, let me know. I vaguely remember reading a fanfic where Eowyn helped Faramir organize his household, but that's not quite the same thing.



Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

A wee bit AU - so don't throw any tomatoes - you are warned....

The Four Children of Ecthelion II

Two older sisters and… one younger brother….

He was the middle child, always forgotten, always alone. His sisters had each other to laugh with, to cry with, to stand beside each other when their father called them to task for some infraction of his rules. He stood alone.

His own hoped-for help and support had died when he was but four years old. He had held himself accountable for the baby's death. Had not he been told to watch him whilst his nanny made the beds? Had not he kept playing whilst his brother lay in the little cot dying?

His mother had told him the babe died naturally, too weak and born too early, but his father's glare told him otherwise. He was the cause of it. He should have watched. He should have known better. He was responsible.

He vowed that day, eighty-five years ago, that he would always watch, always know, always be responsible. Standing next to the pyre, he looked upon his son's body. This time, he would save the babe from those who would harm him. This time he would sacrifice himself for his son. This time, he would die with the babe. This time…



Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

Raksha--I love these drabbles--each one for itself and even more as a set. I wouldn't call them angsty as much as a description of a process of recovery. Lots of mindful details that make each of them believable right down to the first word his son might have spoken.




Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!


Your series is wonderful--all the drabbles work on their own, but put together they are more than the sum of their parts.

Regarding your questions, it sure seems natural to me that Lothiriel would help Faramir with such a task. She's the closest thing he has to a sister, after all. And I like your title.


Dark and chilling AU tale! Well done! No tomatoes coming from me! 

Everyone else--

Get those HASA birthday cards in here!




Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

Everyone else--

I had previously posted this in the July birthday thread, but I'll re-post it here as I just realized we were supposed to. And I'll go enter it in the challenge.

Four for the Elven-lords

Three he made for the elf-lords, for wind, fire, water: all they needed to rule this Middle-earth. What need has Artanis for my plain wedding-band? With the very wind at her command, is there still room in her heart for me?

There are no great forests here in Eregion, and the stones sing louder than the trees. My heart aches for Lorien, Greenwood, most of all for Doriath-that-was.

Yet even love is not all, and pledges do not die with an age's turning. Can my one balance against Celebrimbor's three? Either way, I shall not leave her to fall alone.



Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

On investigating, I discovered that there was no challenge set up yet. As five people had already written entries I went ahead and set one up. Gandalfs Apprentice, Vilwarin, Raksha, Agape - please put your drabbles in stories and add them to this challenge:

BIrthday Challenge: HASA Turns Four

And the same goes for anyone I missed.




Re: Happy Birthday, HASA!

Those people who have posted drabbles have me green with envy. Every one is a gem!

Gandalf's Apprentice had me chuckling. I can so easily see toddler Estel insisting on his new name and the four horses worked in very well.

 Vilvarwin captured Aragron's weariness so perfectly. And his determination to take on the burden of looking after the extra Hobbits was very clear.

 Raksha!  Four drabbles with four different time frames - that was inspired. Every one works perfectly!

Agape's Denethor had me shivering. The madness of the insane shown so well, and it all was logical from his point of view.

 Marta's drabble showing the strength of the power of love to balance the power of the Elven Rings was a very unusual view into Celeborn. I loved it.

Gwynnyd (wandering off mumbling "four, four" under her breath and hoping for inspiration)



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