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Maglor in History?

This is rather closely related to the "What if Maglor's Silmaril was found?" Nuzgul. But seeing that only one writer adopted that one so far, wouldn't it be a good idea to make this more general? What about a "Maglor in history'' challenge - Maglor showing up some time, some place in our history, witnessing an historical event, or meeting an historical figure? This subject was discussed not long ago at the Silmfics list and at least four people wrote a story that would fit this description. Or five, if I am allowed to count Deborah's Christmas fic. Anyone?




Re: Maglor in History?

Lessee... dunno if Dwim will be replying to this herself...

While the people who wrote said stories won't be discouraged from entering their stories, it would be good to get some fresh ground on the Challenge.

Actually, this is a great Challenge, and I would really like to see it here. We should bring it up at the HA list.

That said, the Maglor's Silmaril Nuzgul does not necessarily involve Maglor- just his Silmaril... but it would be an interesting entry that combines the nuzgul *and* the challenge...

I think I will raise my hand for the Maglor-in-History challenge. Is anyone else interested?



Re: Maglor in History?

I am actually *trying* to write a story based on this plotbunny...
but currently I'm very stuck, if you know what I mean.
It's not about Maglor's Silmaril, though.
Yes, I would be interested.



Re: Maglor in History?

Yep I'm interested. In fact I tried sticking Maglor in histry in the Nuzgul hutch.



Re: Maglor in History?

Yeah, I saw that.

But we'd prefer it if you wrote a story especially for this Challenge, here, instead of just submitting Captain Tinkerbell only, though. We need fresh stuff! So... write another fic?

We just need one more person, since Ithilwen's agreed to this.

Finch, oh Finch...



Re: Maglor in History?

Alright, since I brought it up... I've even got An Idea. Anyone who can tell me where to buy time? But everyone can put up one placeholder, I believe.

By the way, I don't see why Captain Tinkerbell couldn't be moved from the General to the Challenge section. Surely this counts as well? After all, lisptick has already seen front service.



Re: Maglor in History?

Note to self: Stop being so vague.

Apologies. Entries that have already been written may be entered for this Challenge, once it is active. However, we're aiming to get to get a few people to try something fresh, and then encourage others who have written for the Challenge to submit their already-existing fics after we get a few 'new' people to sign up. We're trying to get new fics where possible. (Thank you Dwim, for clearing this up)

Re placeholders: Yes, you can have one placeholder at a time.

So we have MoA, Finch, Ithilwen, and me... just need one more person. Anyone?

Edit: Dwim says we have enough people, so this challenge is going through!



Re: Maglor in History?

All right, Maglor is live and kicking (still!). Please go here to continue discussion. I've put a note in the first posting due to a concern I conceived of.



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