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The Rohirrim Arrive Late

Here's a medium length Challenge.

Let's say the Rohirrim were half an hour to an hour later to the Pelennor.

What happens at the destroyed gate, when the Witch King meets Gandalf?

What happens on Rath Dínen?

Will the Enemy enter the first circle of Minas Tirith?

What happens to Éowyn? Théoden? Merry?

And so forth.

Anyone interested in taking up this Challenge, reply to this post.




Re: The Rohirrim Arrive Late

Jeez Ang--Haven't you anything better to do than spawn plot bunnies for the rest of us? This one sounds interesting to me, but before I commit, I want to know--what kind of a time limit for this one?



Re: The Rohirrim Arrive Late

At least three months, and probably six would be more reasonable. If there are enough interested souls, then it would be easy to keep it open for a year and see what pops up.

I think the next two movies are going to give people some good ideas about Rohirrim stories, canon and AU.




Re: The Rohirrim Arrive Late

I could do it in six, not in three--too much stuff to finish now. And I agree that there might be more interest after TT the film--it's definitely one I think you should keep around. But then, I like AU's. Curious, though--off handedly, I think this is the first AU plotbunny you've spawned. Your others have all been more fill-in type plotbunnys.



Re: The Rohirrim Arrive Late

I save the AU ones for myself. ;-)

Six months is fine. Since the challenge isn't set up, it can be changed however it needs to be. I'm looking ahead and seeing a year of Hobbits, myself, punctuated by a Denethor/Finduilas story. And a few quickies, of course. I want to see TTT and the extended FOTR to get ideas for next year's Quickie challenges.




Re: The Rohirrim Arrive Late

Ang wrote:

I want to see TTT and the extended FOTR to get ideas for next year's Quickie challenges.

How long have we got for the current quickies? December 31st? There are one or two I'd quite like to pick up yet.



Quickies 2003

Oops - missed this one when it was posted.

Quickies 2002 will end on December 31, 2002.

A new set of Quickies for 2003 will be begin on Janaury 1 and will run through the year.

Are there any general requests and/or suggestions for the next round of quickies?

They must be one perspective
They must be one scene
They must be short

I'd like to get a nice collection of choices from different ages, some that are gap-fillers, some that are AU imaginings, with all different types of peoples represented.

I do want to get a new set out there, but would be willing to hold over a couple that strike people's imaginations.




Re: Quickies 2003

Ang! Now I have two plotbunnies nagging at my heels! Oh well, just to get it out of my system, I'm working in a bit of this in my very odd AU college fic (which is not in HASA).Expect my answer to be out in April.



Re: Quickies 2003

OK, that makes two people who would like to have this one as a six month challenge.

Anyone else inspired to do AU Ride of the Rohirrim before Peter Jackson shows us his version next year?

The focus can be on the Rohirrim themselves, on Minas Tirith, on what Aragron finds when he & the Rangers get to Harlond, etc.

It can be a single chapter, but probably shouldn't be more than, say five or six.

Any character(s), any persepctive(s) - any Hobbit fanciers out there who want to do Pippin and/or Merry in this one? What about Denethor fanatics - will he be roused from suicidal mania by something that happens? You know, we don't have many Gandalf fics - what about a battle between the Wiz & the Witch King?

I'd like to have a miinimum of three and preferably six people willing to take a crack at this one.




Re: Quickies 2003

Sheesh, keep it open for a year! I don't know when i can post it. Can it be a tad humorous (weirdness in the Houses of Healing...hehehe!) but still morbid? Is gore allowed? My friends want me to make it bloody, and the only person I can think of doing that to is Halbarad.

Can there be romance in it? Can characters who weren't there in the book (like Arwen for instance) be in it? I was planning to do a bit on it, I have drafts, written under the sun. Can there eventually be a Faramir/Eowyn angle to it? Should Denethor be dead? PLEASE TELL US WHAT IS ALLOWED HERE, MOVIEVERSE OR NONE?



Re: Quickies 2003

I'd like to have it close before the end of the year so it is out before the movie.

*However* - you only have to enter the Challenge by the closing date. You can enter a WIP and then keep working on it.

Any genre - humor, romance, action, drama, poetry (calling all poetry buffs - write your epic battle now!)
Any spin - horror, angst, mystery, whatever.

You got an OC? Do it. It's AU after all. Want to move Arwen, Haldir AND Thranduil in on the action? Hey, you're the one who has to make it plausible. Introduce what ever combination of characters you need to.

Denethor can be alive, dead or somewhere in between. He can be crazy, sane, conniving, grateful, stubborn, psycho - you write it and tell us.

As said, it's an AU, so you can bring movieverse elements in. Just be sure to say that you are doing so and avoid people pointing out the obvious afterwards - " Yes, I *do* know it is movieverse...."

The ONLY restriction on this story is - The Rohirrim Arrive Late. It's up to you to tell us what effect that has on the fate of Minas Tirith.

Think you want to try?




Re: Quickies 2003

Thanks! I know now what I have to work on, since I drafted it last night. My pals are going to love this since I have an excuse to make it a tad bloody, yet slip in some mild romance. Don't worry, this is nothing R-rated, I'm too young for that.



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