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OMY Ch. 3 - Familiarity

Familiarity - potentially objectionable material in this chapter. Oblique references to sexuality. In which introductions are made, acquaintences are renewed, and Frodo is very put out with Bilbo. Ten new characters are introduced. There are now 22 in the story.



Re: OMY Ch. 3 - Familiarity

Update report: The most significant criticism of OMY waaaay back when I first posted was that Merry was portrayed far too young for his actual age. He came across as a toddler when he was more like a kindergardener. I have to agree with the criticism. The first introduction to Merry & an OC older sister, Merle, has been rewritten to try to portray him more correctly. The basic elements are still there, but Merry has more to say for himself and his behavior is less babyish. There are no other significant changes to the chapter. Everything else is typo-patrol and grammar correction. Ang



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