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October 2010 Birthday Cards

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in October and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the 2010 Birthhday Cards.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or e-mail me privately - I'll do my best to help.

PLEASE NOTE: Birthday Challenges are no longer collected for each month individually, but go all together in one Challenge open for the entire year (see above for the link). However, the rest (monthly threads, requests, and birthday workshop stories) remains as it is.

October, 6 - Ygrain: With the darker days coming, and since I was born in the year when the Northern Kingdom fell, I'd like something featuring Arvedui and/or Aranarth, or located at Amon Sul. The darker the better.



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

With the darker days coming, and since I was born in the year when the Northern Kingdom fell, I'd like something featuring Arvedui and/or Aranarth, or located at Amon Sul. The darker the better :-)

Thank you!



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

For Ygrain, The Stones of Amon Sul


We remember.

We remember Elendil the Tall.

Scattered in the fields we lie now, we who stood so tall and proud in towers of old.  We, who paved the floors on which the lords and ladies danced, we, who witnessed their fine speeches, their close arguments, their betrothals, the Witch of Angmar strew us here and there in the end, but we held books for the Lords of Arnor once, supported their cradles, sheltered fires in their ovens.

It was Elendil who commanded our gathering, but he was gone before we took shape.  The youngster, Ilsildur, hardly took a thought for us.  No, it was Valendil who governed our arrangements, grew us into the beginnings of a great city, gave us hope.  Long lost now, our hope.

We remember blessed Valendil as we remember Elendil.

Grass and pumpkins and morning glories grow between us now, but arrogant beyond the lot of stones we remain.  We trip the orcs when they come to us under sullen skies, bloody their knuckles. 

We look up to Amon Sul, the last tower.  Defiant yet she stands, little more than a pile of rubble yet strength remains.  No children play on her dangerous pavements, no merchants hawk their wares at her base.  Yet Rangers camp on Amon Sul and softly sing of glories which once were and might come again. 

Now winter threatens as it ever does this time of year; darkened stormy skies close in, but He is here.  Isildur's heir they call him, but he is Elendil and Valendil's heir as well, and with fire and determination, he turns back the ring slaves.

Might He send us spring to follow our long winter?  Oh, no, that is too much to wish for.



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards


on which date is your birthday? I need the info to put your request correctly into the header post.

And, btw, you can change your profile so it displays your birthday. That way, your name will be added to the neat birthday list I can see as HASA volunteer, and you don't have to remember to add it in future requests.

HASA Birthday Cards Volunteer



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

You asked for it!Tongue out Happy Birthday, Ygrain!


The overhanging shoulder of the rock was all the shelter that could be had but at least they were out of the deadly wind. Wind like an evil spirit, passing through cloak and garment, searching their wasted bodies with icy fingers, sucking away any warmth of life, till they went numb, chilled to the marrow.

He tried to force his swollen lids open, tear the lymph-clotted eyelashes apart but it took him some time till he was able to blink at his surroundings through semi-glued eyes.

Around him his men lay, huddled together, wrapped up in cloaks and blankets, knees pulled up to preserve the little warmth still circling in their veins, like boulders in the dim grey light of another hopeless day.

He sat up, slowly wrestling down the numbness that held his body. Staring at his hands, he tried to move his fingers and felt a short wave of irrational relief sweep through him, as he could still feel them, throbbing painfully in the tightness of the clinging gloves.

His feet? He remembered yesterday's torturing march, the feeling of his boots getting tighter with each step. Today there was nothing, just numbness. He tried to wriggle his toes...nothing. He knew what that meant.

When he set his jaw in grim resolution, he felt the blisters on his blood-encrusted lips crack, felt the taste of blood, oozing from the wind-cracked chaps. He could not open his mouth, his lips, thickly covered in scabs, felt like pieces of wood, nailed across his face. There would be no need to cut off the numb black toes, to prevent the bad humours of the dead, rotting flesh poison his entire body.

He lifted his bleary eyes, feeling the change in the air. The wind had died down. The air had turned smooth and moist. Slowly big flakes began falling, noiselessly covering the sleeping forms.

He managed a lopsided grin. Arvedui, Last King...though the Valar seemed to have forsaken him, at least they provided a stately shroud.



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Wow, you do know how to freeze someone to the bone, Thanwen! Thank you very much, I'll definitely appreciate the warmth of my home some more.

And thank you for the nice reminiscence, Cuinwen - every time I see ruins of a castle, I wonder what those stones must have seen. Now I have a hint.



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Here you go, Ygrain!  Two Months.  You did say the darker the better



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Oh thank you, maeglin! Apparently, poor Arvedui was not as good at foreseeing as his lineage might grant! - But were he more patient, it would have been a different story :-)



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Thanks, Ygrain!  Yup, apparently everyone's foresight failed (save the Lossoth's ) - even (gasp) Cirdan's!



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

I guess that foresight was not supposed to be used as weather forecast :-)



Happy Birthday Ygrain

Happy birthday, Ygrain! And, thanks for such a fascinating topic :-) (My mind has been stuck in this time period for years!)

Destiny Is a Matter of Choice

Maldor had always thought Fornost uncommonly cold in the winter, especially when contrasted with the milder, more forgiving weather of his mother's southern home. He huddled himself deeper into the folds of his cloak as he waited for news, or sentence, if being at the wrong place at the wrong time ever was a crime. A cold gust of wind blew away his hood. If what his Father had said was true, the cold could have a more unnatural origin.

Morbid, he thought, at once disgusted and fascinated at the sinister prospect. When the door creaked open, he jumped in fright.

"Father?" he called, weakly, almost fearful of the answer. During his almost fourteen years he had heard of his father's ability to foretell the future, but had never witnessed it until today. With an involuntary shudder he recalled the horribly entrancing quality of his father's face as the trance overtook him, the Queen's terrifying heaving as she clutched her son to her breast. A spark of anger fired within him as he remembered the King's grip on him as he was thrown from the room, along with the one other person who had witnessed the prophecy.

"You must be frightened," Malbeth said.

Maldor shook his head. Saying that he was fascinated seemed indelicate just then, given that her father was so visibly weakened.

"The King wants to see you," he said, upon which Maldor began to move, only to be seized by the forearm a moment later. He cringed at his father's touch--his flesh was still tender from the King's grasp. "Araphant is angry, of course. Arvedui. I should have said nothing! But the seeing is at times so powerful that it overcomes one's will."

"Does it hurt?"

Malbeth shook his head.

"If the viewing is stronger, does it mean it will come true all the more?"

"I know not. It's never been this strong before."

"Do you remember, afterwards?"

His father's glance on him this time was angry, accusing, and he thought it best to hold his peace and ask no more questions.

"This is no game, boy," Malbeth said, slightly tightening his grasp on Maldor's arm. "The King could well have my head for what I said tonight. It is not every day that one prophesies the destruction of one's kingdom. He could let me rot for treason, for plotting against a royal child, for endangering the queen's health during her confinement, you name it."

"Yet you said it."

The way his father's shoulders sagged, almost ashamed, told him that, in fact, he would have concealed the truth had he been able to do so, and something primal in his adoration of his father broke irreparably.

"He's naming the child. Beren. As if the name alone could be talisman against Vaire's weaving."

"Beren? But I thought, isn't Arvedui the right name... What about the prophe--"

"He's going to forget it, of course. He's desperate enough that he may even try to fight it. I don't blame him. One's only son; such a cruel destiny." Then something happened that Maldor never forgot: his father embraced him and, whispering in his ear, said, "If you play your cards right, you stand to win much from this. The King wants to forget. And so should you. For now." He then let go and nodded toward the door that would lead him to the King's chambers.

He began the walk, turned one last time to his father. Malbeth the Seer, advisor to The Kings of Men, beloved of Mandos and Vaire, was smiling at him.

As he went through the door, Maldor realized that he had never felt more powerful in his life. He knew then, with a sickening kind of thrill, there was nothing in this world he would not do to hold on to that power.


"Maldor son of Malbeth, chief advisor to King Araphant of Arthedain, was a man of shrewd intellect and great charisma, but possessed of a disposition inclined to ruthlessness and self-indulgence. There was no love between him and Beren, heir to Araphant's throne. The cause of the enmity remained a mystery and a matter of much speculation." (Annals of the Kings of Arnor, Imladris, Author Unknown)

"The tradition held among the heirs of Isildur, through Firiel wife of Beren and mother of Chief Aranarth was that Beren, later Arvedui son of Araphant, King of Arthedain, was kept in the dark about his uncommon destiny for many long years. The lady Firiel never revealed the manner in which the truth was finally revealed. We can only surmise that it was either a scandalous affair, or a painful one." (A complete history of the sundered kingdoms of the Dunedain, Fourth Age, Arassuil of Ithilien)



Re: Happy Birthday Ygrain

Why, you're welcome - I never thought that my birthday present could also make someone else happy :-) Thank you, Starlight!



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Ygrain, I haven't been able to get the Muse working at all to write a new tale, but feel this will meet your desires.

Hope you enjoy it!



Re: Happy Birthday Ygrain

A wonderful tale, and with the Seer in it!  Love it, Starlight!



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

I do believe, Thanwen, that you have met all the exigencies set by Ygrain!  Excellent!  I shiver at the freezing of the weather they face!



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Ooh, Cuinwen--how perfect this view of the battle with the wraiths from the stones' POV!  Yes!  Go, Aragorn!



Re: October 2010 Birthday Cards

Thanks, Larner.  My only regret is that I didn't include the stone's perception of the Ranger's decline over time, how their kit has become impoverished generation after generation, and how Aragorn is the raggediest of all.   Serves me right for posting so fast, LOL.



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