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December 2010 Birthday Cards

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in December and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the 2010 Birthhday Cards.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or e-mail me privately - I'll do my best to help.



Birthday fics for Azalais

My birthday's December the 4th.

Gift-givers could make me very happy indeed with any of the following: Legolas (My Favourite Elf) in just about any guise, but sea-longing or warrior modes particularly appreciated; also very fond of the Legolas-and-Gimli friendship (slash if you like, but no obligation to...); fics looking at cultural differences and their exploration between Elves and any other race(s); gap-fillers of any kind...



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Thistlewhite looked at the tall, pointy-eared creature.  So fair, so graceful, so lacking in good sense.  His hair was as silvery as hers, and they shared a common love of growing things; she could feel it in him when he gazed on the unfolding maple leaves.

Nendan looked straight back, and pity filled him for this frail, short, hairy-footed creature.  Brief would be her days in Arda, and yet, and yet . . . there was something solid about her.  Her kind would achieve much, and though he could not see what, he was certain hobbits would shape the future.

(first meeting of elves and hobbits, just after the awakening of the Atani; the Quendi of Aman never came this far east)



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Cuinwen - how gorgeous!

So fair, so graceful, so lacking in good sense [chortles].  How true, from a Hobbit perspective!

I like both the contrasts between them - ethereality on the one hand and solidity on the other - and that which they share, the sensitivity to others and the love of all that grows.

Thank you for such a lovely present :-)



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

You are welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it.  It's nice to know the humor came across



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Here you go, Azalais!

A Brother's Farewell

F. A. 120

Girion, Thranduil's firstborn, having ridden to Ithilien with little rest, wore a forlorn expression as he regarded his younger brother.  Ill with the cursed Sea-longing, Legolas was a shadow of the Elf he'd once been.

"You will leave your wife, your children, and all you have built here in Asca Nen, to travel to a land where dwell very few you have ever met?  How can you know that will not be worse then what you suffer here?  Why not return to the Greenwood?  Perhaps Daernaneth can help you.  Or Father, or Mother, or … surely someone can heal you!  For illness this is."

"I must go, brother.  I must!  There is no choice in the matter.  If I stay, I will fade, and then still I will pass into the West.  Better alive and free than to Badhron's Halls.  None can change that."

The elder gripped the younger in a tight embrace.  "That is what they all told me they you would say."  Indeed, they had been so despairingly certain of it that they had not come.  "But I would not believe it until I heard it from your lips."

Girion stood back.  "If Oropher has been released, tell him Father has done him every credit, and that Daernaneth still hopes the Straight Path will one day run Eastwards again, so that he may return to her.  And tell him - tell him I have turned out to be the fool he predicted I would become."

Legolas managed a smile.  He did look forward to meeting Oropher, who'd been slain nearly two thousand years before his begetting.  And at his brother's half-jest.  Though Girion was no fool, well Legolas knew that Oropher had made that prediction.  Many times.

But when, in his early youth, he had asked the King why Oropher would have said such a thing about his own grandson - Elven predictions had a way of making their own reality - Thranduil had laughed and said that this was only Oropher's way of saying that Girion took after himself.

Yet Legolas knew that despite all these fond memories, and all the love of his family, which should have bound him to the land, still he had to leave it.  And soon.



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Maeglin - This is poingnant and well formed.  I know that Azalais will love it, and I know that I did as well. 

- Erulisse (one L)



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais


[Sniffles]  That's so bittersweet. Poor Legolas, and his kin. This line brought a great big lump to my throat:

"If Oropher has been released, tell him Father has done him every credit..."

I do find the history of Oropher and Thranduil and how that might have played into making Legolas who he was, fascinating - so this is a well-chosen gift. Thank you so much, Maeglin!



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Happy Birthday, Azalais!

Just a small scrap of a scene, but it's all the characters would yield.


Eyewitness account

"But what of the Elves?" Merry asked, poised to take notes for his book.

Arwen answered first. "Rivendell knew when the hobbits crossed the Misty Mountains and moved to the Angle."

"I doubt an Elf of Mirkwood ever saw any of your ancestors while they lived in Wilderland," Legolas replied next, looking faintly embarrassed. "They lived quietly, doing no harm, and we never sought them out. In truth, we did not consider Mortals our business then, and would only act if any encroached on the Forest. After the Last Alliance, we were long unwilling to look to the wider world."



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

I like this - go straight to the primary sources! Thanks, Nath :-)



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Thanks, Azalais and Erulisse!  Glad you liked it.  I don't see how Legolas' departure could have been any less wrenching, and it could well have been more so.  




Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Finally free to post this.  Hope it pleases, Azalais.

A Moment of Connection

             "Where are you going, you daft Elf?" demanded Gimli.

            Legolas gave a quick glance over his shoulder at the Dwarf seated behind him on Arod's back, but gave no more answer than an enigmatic shake of his head.  Aragorn, who was checking the girth of Roheryn's saddle, glanced over at his companions curiously, then nodded as if he appreciated the Elf's purpose as Legolas turned his horse back toward the site of their recent victory.  Gimli noted that Gandalf gave them no attention at all, his own concerns apparently focused on the still forms of Frodo and Sam on their litters.

            Arod snorted a slight protest as the Elf guided him around the root of the mountains toward the battlefield.  Still, the horse proved obedient in spite of its obvious disapproval of its rider's goal.  Carefully it picked its way amidst the rubble.  A few hardy soldiers, cloths tied over their faces, worked amidst the remaining evidence of carnage, still separating bodies of those who'd fought among the forces of the Army of the West from those of its foes, gathering weapons and armor, piling the bodies of trolls and orcs here, laying those of Easterlings there, those of Southrons there, those of Men of other lands elsewhere, now and then finding one who yet lived and calling for a wagon to bear the wounded Man off of the field. 

Legolas appeared to be ignoring them all.  He rode on until they reached a point where he could look through the gap where the Black Gate had stood.  In the distance they could see the smokes that marked the ruins of Mount Doom, and the nearer pile of rubble that was all that was left of the Black Tower of Barad-dûr.  Here Arod finally halted.  Gimli could tell that the horse was uncomfortable by the tension he felt in the muscles of Arod's back, but at a soothing word and touch from Legolas the horse calmed, although its ears still swiveled as if listening for the approach of an enemy.

            They sat so for some minutes, the Elf looking thoughtfully into the former land of Mordor.  At last he sat straighter, and at a slight shift in his body coaxed Arod to turn slowly.  Now he looked behind the site where the battle had raged, toward the distant shimmer of reflected light that indicated where the Dead Marshes lay.  Absently he rubbed the horse's neck as he considered the area.  At last he spoke, his melodious voice soft.  "That is where the bodies of the dead were buried before, when my father and grandfather fought here.  Elves, Men, Orcs—I think perhaps even a few Dwarves fought at times here as well, mostly those who'd come as messengers from the upper vales of the Anduin who'd stayed to slake the thirst of their axes with the black blood of the Enemy's forces, or who had nothing to which they might return.  Ten years of frustration and loss, constant siege, separation from families and loved ones, repeated assaults by the Enemy's orcs and allies.  So many who marched forth from the Greenwood failed to return home again, and if any of my people ever see them again it will not be here, within Middle-earth."

            He went quiet once more, his eyes still fixed on the place where so many lay.  Aragorn had spoken of his own sojourn there last evening when he'd come away from his labours amongst the wounded to take a brief rest, describing the appearance of ghostly bodies seeming to lie in the fetid pools.  At last Legolas sighed.  "It is over at last," he murmured, "all the watch we have kept so long on the Black Land.  Yea, it is over, and at least, this time, no Elves or Dwarves died here, within or in sight of Mordor.  We may have died elsewhere in defense of our own lands, but we did not die here as happened before."

            Arod, sensing that they would be leaving this dread place soon, pranced impatiently as again his rider straightened.  "Sleep well, Oropher, Ereinion Gil-galad, and so many, many others," the Elf called out.  "Your sacrifice was not in vain, you will find.  And when the time is right, I look to behold you again within Aman, and to greet you with the word that your enemy is indeed cast down, and this time will not rise again."  He gave a surprisingly deep bow toward the marshes, and Arod, his head raised proudly, again began picking his way through the rubble toward the way south toward the camp, the muscles under Gimli rippling as the horse and its riders put the battlefield and the dead behind them.



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Most interesting, although it was said that the Fallohides were taught much by Elves.  Perhaps by tribes that had once wandered the upper valley of the Anduin? 

But I can certainly appreciate why Legolas's folk had little interest in mortals at that time.



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

And I can see this so easily, Maeglin!



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Oh, I find I like this meeting between the Hobbits and the Elves, and perhaps Thistlewhite was one of the mothers of the Fallohides!



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Author's Note: Sorry, Azalais- as lovely as Elves are, I fear that not all Men would have seen them that way... especially ones who followed darker lords than those found in Gondor.


It looks like Us, but It is Not Us- It is too tall, and Its eyes are too bright, and Its ears are too long.

It came from the Wood, and nothing ever came from out that dreadful place as ever meant Us aught but ill.

It spoke- or rather, were It one of Us, one might call the noises that call from Its mouth speech- but not a one of Us can understand It.

Even Speaks-With-Ghosts cannot fathom what It is or why It came out of the Wood.

It carried weapons unlike anything we have ever seen- swords so light and sharp and beautiful that they are almost obscene, a great bow that not even the strongest among Us can draw it.

It wore armour so strong as to blunt the sharpest blades we had, and so light that one might believe it made from the sun it shimmers in so.

I am glad that Strong-In-Arm demanded It gagged and stripped and shackled.

Such a thing might be more terrible than anything, left free to roam, free to rampage, free to ravage...

I shudder involuntarily at the thought, and I am glad that Speaks-With-Ghosts has demanded It sacrificed upon the morrow.

Its too-bright eyes shall be put out and Its too-long ears cut off and Its too-strange tongue silenced forever, and It shall die by fire as must all sacrifices, and the Lord of Murder shall be pleased, and the World shall be cleansed of Its taint.

I stare at It long and hard in the flickering firelight, and It stares back at me.

In Its eyes I see hate and fear and sorrow.

I wonder what It sees in mine...



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Oh, Aruthir--Sauron must  have loved the death of one of  his long-time enemies in this manner!  Not  a pleasant experience for us to  imagine,  though.



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Not pleasant at all- I had even toyed with changing the content advisory to Mature, to be honest. I apologise for darkening your day, and shall beat my Muse severely for his current inability to provide fluffiness...



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Oh, that was not a criticism of the tale--not all good stories are fluffy, after all!  Well told, and properly disturbing, considering the subject.



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Well, thanks for the kind words then, Larner- perhaps 2011 shall find me in happier lands?



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Oh, Larner - this doesn't just please, it delights. I've spent a lot of time myself thinking and writing about Legolas standing before the Black Gate, but usually about the lead-up to the battle or the fight itself, rather than the aftermath. I love this look at what Legolas might have felt driven to do afterwards - to bring closure not only for himself but for all those faer who had given up their lives there for the Free Peoples. I like the little descriptive details, and love the absolutely spot-on interaction between Legolas and Gimli.

Thank you for such a wonderful present - well worth waiting for!




Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

Don't apologise, Aruthir! I love takes on Middle-earth which make us blink and look again, and this is an entirely plausible one. And the line It came from the Wood, and nothing ever came from out that dreadful place as ever meant Us aught but ill echoes down the Ages of Middle-earth, given what the Rohirrim are still saying and thinking at the end of the Third Age...

My only query, I suppose, given the weapons and the armour so strong as to blunt the sharpest blades we had, would be how they ever managed to subdue the Elf?

Brrr, very dark. Thank you indeed!



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

I rather fear that those long-ago Men might have been rather sneaky about it and either swarmed the poor Elf so thoroughly that he didn't stand a chance, or possibly that they waited until he was asleep- after all, who knows what devious ways they might have learned from their cruel God?



Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

"It came from the Wood, and nothing ever came from out that dreadful place as ever meant Us aught but ill."

Depending on near which Wood and in which time-period he lived, the narrator might well have been correct (and even fair)!  The quality of the sword and heavy-draw bow suggest a forest other than Mirkwood, hmm? 

"Lord of Murder" is beautifully ambiguous - Sauron's not the only one who could claim that title

Great story!




Re: Birthday fics for Azalais

I'm so glad that it pleases so well, Azalais.  To know that this is the end of the threat of Mordor must have meant so much to Legolas, having known his land lost so many in the Last Alliance.  And I can so imagine that Arod didn't really want to go onto the battlefield, but that he would do so for Legolas, and that Legolas would refuse to explain to Gimli what he was doing, knowing that Gimli would understand once they got there.



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