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Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

Continuing the theme of 'making', January's Nuzgûl of the Month is Tom's Brooch:

In FOTR when Tom rescues the hobbits from the barrow wight, he brings the pile of treasure out of the mound so that the wight will no longer haunt it. He gives the hobbits swords, etc. and takes something for Goldberry: a brooch. The book says:

He chose for himself from the pile a brooch set with blue stones, many-shaded like flax-flowers or the wings of blue butterflies. He looked long at it, as if stirred by some memory, shaking his head, and saying at last:

'Here is a pretty toy for Tom and his lady! Fair was she who long ago wore this on her shoulder. Goldberry shall wear it now, and we will not forget her!'

(Fog on the Barrow Downs, FOTR)

So. Who is the woman from whom came the brooch? What happened to her? What's the history?



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

It probably says something bad about me that the first person I thought of the original owner of the brooch was Erendis, right?



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

We-ell... If you can think of a way to get it from Númenor to the Barrowdowns...



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

There's always a way.




Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

I think I should be more frightened by that statement...



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

The story I came up with is "A Jewel Once, Lost"- and I hope it's not considered cheating to have linked it into another of my stories?

(Not to mention leaving things still a little open-ended for the reader?)



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

Ooh, nice... and it serves as the perfect counterpoint for the linked story as well.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

I know this poses more questions than it answers, but this is what the Muse came up with...


"I don't think we should go in any further."

"Why not? The forest is safe. Mother says it is."

"But not this part. Can't you feel it?"

"Feel what? You're being silly."

"The trees near the water are angry."

"Angry? About what? And anyway, trees can't feel."

"I don't know, but they are. Maybe they don't like us taking firewood and disturbing them."

"That really is silly."

"Is not."


Tom watched in unaccustomed silence as the children wandered off, away from the Withywindle and the 'angry trees'. He did not mind the people who had taken refuge in the Barrowdowns, they were for the most part quiet neighbours – though not yet as quiet as the dead who slept in the barrows – and respected the forest. He had not shown himself to any of them, but he did protect wanderers from the perils of the Old Forest.

Over the next few years, the girl who had felt the anger of the trees near the Withywindle became a regular visitor to that part of the forest, and though she appeared fascinated by the river, and the woods near it, she always stayed away from Old Man Willow's part of the riverbank.

As Mannish girl-children are bound to do, she grew from a boyish wisp of a child into a young woman, yet she still returned to the forest and the water. Perhaps she found comfort there, for these were dark times for the people of Cardolan. She now wore a blue brooch to pin her cloak, and a sad expression on her face, even as she brought her own child to walk near the water.

All too soon she did not come again, and her people left the shelter of the Barrowdowns to retake their old lands, for a few seasons. All too soon, the lands were empty again, but then the little folk, the hobbits, moved into the lands to the West, and other, less welcome, visitors occupied the barrows.

There were no longer children playing near the Withywindle.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

I like this a lot... even though I'm now dying to know how her brooch got into the barrow. Well done, Nath!



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month January 2011

Thank you even if, as a a last-minute effort, it's far from perfect.

I suspect that she may well have been buried in that barrow, since we know that there are both male and female items in there. And yes, there is room for expansion/speculation. Perhaps the bunny will bite further and leave me no choice.



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