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Need a Ranger name

I'm looking for a name for a Ranger from the Angle. Ideally his name would mean something like obstinate or persistent. Assuming Dunedain names would be based on Sindarin, I thought to use something like tarlanc or thalion, but am unsure how to combine that with a word for man, firion, dir, or one of those. Or would I have to combine it? Any thoughts? TIA, Lyllyn



Re: Need a Ranger name

I should totally be writing a research paper. I am so doomed. Anyway, for Ranger names which are all Sindarin names, I used the's Name Database. You can either look for a specific name if you know what you want it to mean or want the Sindarin equivalent of whatever, or you can cruise through it and find something that sounds pretty, which is what I did. This website lists names in every language that I have never heard of and their Sindarin equivalents. It is amazing.



Re: Need a Ranger name

Oh, thank you for listing that name database! It's a hoot! I went to it out of curiosity and typed in my name, which is of course what everyone in the world does when confronted with such a thing. Fascinating. (My name in Sindarin is Arrondoneth, though the meaning they gave for my name is not precisely what I'd heard. Now I'm going to type in everyone I know.) What, procrastinating? Me? So what if I'm not writing a story that requires any names in Sindarin? It's still cool. So, thanks!



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