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Need help with names for Theoden's unnamed sisters

I'll admit here that I've been working on this story for a while and using kind of dumb names. I just can't go any farther like this. Thengel and Morwen have five children. Only Theoden and Theodwyn are given names and dates. The timeline is thus: In Gondor: 1) Daughter 2) (2948 ) Theoden 3) Daughter Move to Rohan (2953) 4) Daughter 5) (2963) Theodwyn What do you all think? Would the other daughters have had names in Rohirric or Sindarin? I imagine Theoden was given a Rohirric name because his father, though he had rejected that heritage on most levels, still knew he must be called upon to succeed his father, and that his son would be his heir. (It is also possible that Theoden was renamed with a Rohirric name when they moved and Thengel [reluctantly] re-embraced his heritage.) Theodwyn was born when they had been in Rohan for ten years. I imagine Thengel was softening in his old age, getting more sentimental about his history as the memory of his youthful flight faded. (That's my interpretation.) However, I'm open-minded. Further background: In Thengel's court Westron was spoken throughout his life (and there was some mild resentment concerning that among the Rohirrim). All of his children and grandchildren, says HoME vol 12 (I think) spoke Sindarin well (yes, that includes Eomer and Eowyn). So Sindarin names for his children would certainly not be amiss. And finally, the other three sisters of Theoden are nowhere else mentioned, not even when Theoden is casting about (in TT) for someone to leave to rule in his absence, and Hama suggests Eowyn as the last member of the House of Eorl. So whatever happened to them, they're not nobility in Rohan by 3019. So I need names for these other sisters. I am looking for help in coming up with plausible names in either Rohirric or Sindarin. I futzed around for an hour and just don't know enough of either language. The temptation is to have them all alliterate. Tolkien did a lot of alliteration among families. But five Theods is really rather a lot. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on which way I should go, here? Are there any resources I can check on naming conventions in Gondor or Rohan? I don't really know where to start, and my previous attempts haven't come up with a whole lot. :/ Anyhow, thanks in advance for any help anybody can give me.



Re: Need help with names for Theoden's unnamed sisters

Rohirric culture is not my strong point, but i would think the Old English names would be best. No matter what other languages they spoke i think tradition would probably prevail in name choosing. This link is found under URL's / Languages in HASA's Resource section: Hope that helps, Ithildin *(



Re: Need help with names for Theoden's unnamed sisters

In the Treason of Isengard (HoME vol 7) Théoden had a daughter named Idis, a character that Tolkien apparently abandoned immediately. You might possibly use that as a starting point, if you wish... - Barbara



Re: Need help with names for Theoden's unnamed sisters

The more I hear the more I need HoME.



Re: Need help with names for Theoden's unnamed sisters

I'm a little late chiming in...I'd always assumed the girls would be given Rohirric names because M-e is essentially patriarchal. But they might have been names that could pass for Gondorrim, or in which some form would make them seem Gondorrim. Here's a few I think could pass for Rohirric: Ceolwen Cwen Dunhild Eadwyn Eohild Elfwen Fréahild Goldwyn Hilde Leodwyn Leofrun Merewyn Mildryth , Elemmíre



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