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Sindarin translation check!

All right, I've been struggling with this, and had some wonderful help onlist, but here's the final product for a check: Glenno annûn, nín hiril bain. No na sîdh. Go west, my beautiful lady. Be at peace. *hopeful* Right? ~Allie



Re: Sindarin translation check!

I had not encountered _glenna-_ before, but I found it on a list of reconstructed verbs by Taramiluiel, so there’s something new for me! ;) As for changes, I would suggest just a few very minor alterations: I would suggest rearranging the rest of the sentence putting _nín_ last, and leniting _bain_ to _vain_ (as it is an adjective following the noun it modifies). For ‘be at peace’ I would recommend substituting _hiro_ the imperative (which can also be translated as ‘may-’) of _hir-_ ‘to find' – yielding - ‘find peace’ or ‘may you find peace.’ The verb ‘to be’ is seldom used in Sindarin and the combination _no na_ sounds a bit awkward to me. Another alternative might be _garo_ ‘have' or ‘may you have'. And I think we should probably lenit _sidh_ as it is the object of the verb here. Good work, ~Allie! Glenno annûn, hiril vain nín. Hiro hîdh. Go west, my beautiful lady. May you find peace. Glenno annûn, hiril vain nín. Garo hîdh. Go west, my beautiful lady. May you have peace. Good work, ~Allie! Ithildin *(



Re: Sindarin translation check!

Thanks, Ithildin! Much appreciated! ~Allie



Re: Sindarin translation check!

Hmm... glenna- is new for me, too. Thanks. I was given badi- as the verb "to walk" or "to go." It would be conjugated to the imperitive form as bado. Just another option. Bado na sídh. Berz.



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