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'Long sword' in Anglo-Saxon?


I'm working on a drabble where the Rohirrim are telling a story about Eorl... and would like the bard to call him "Eorl the Longsword" or "Eorl Longsword", and I would like to make the "longsword" part sound Rohirric by putting it into Anglo-Saxon.

I also want to make the "Rohirric" word sound enough like English so that the reader won't have to check the footnotes to guess the meaning (not that I, of all people, have anything against footnotes )

I know that "long" is "lang", and "sword" is "sweord", but I don't know if I have to do anything to "langsweord" for it to be correct A-S... 

Can anyone help me? If so, thank you in advance!

- Barbara

P.S. I want "longsword" rather than a canon epithet like "Eorl the Young" because of the erm, earthy nature of the story.... You know what those Rohirrim are like once they get a few ales in them....  



Re: 'Long sword' in Anglo-Saxon?

From what I know of AS, I'd say 'langsweord' is perfectly fine.



Re: 'Long sword' in Anglo-Saxon?

Hi Nath!

Thank you... that's exactly what I needed to know!

- Barbara 



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