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feminine of "Ion nin"

Ion-nin means My Son in Sindarin, right?  So, is My Daughter Sell-Nin or Iell-Nin?  I've seen both.  Also, should there be a dash/hyphen or not?

I know there's an accent; but am too lazy to dig it up to put on Ion-nin.




Re: feminine of


Here's what Ardalambion's English/Sindarin "parviphith" wordlist has to say:

DAUGHTER 1) iell (-iel) (girl, maid), pl. ill, 2) sell (i hell) (girl, maid), pl. sill (i sill), coll. pl. sellath.

So in answer to the first part of your question, apparently either iell or sell is okay. I've never seen any reason why you should use one over the other besides merely personal preference, though there might well be a usage rule I just don't know about. If there is such a rule, the compilers of the wordlist aren't telling, although they do provide some guidance on proper usage with other entries in the same wordlist.

As for a dash or a hyphen, I don't think it's necessary, though I've seen it a lot in fan usage. Here's a couple of analogous attested examples involving genitive pronouns:

--Tolkien's Sindarin "Lord's Prayer" in Vinyar Tengwar 44 has "Adar nín," my father--no hyphen mark.

--At least one version of the "King's Letter" in Sauron Defeated has "Meril bess dîn," Rose his wife, and "ionnath dîn," his sons--no hyphen marks there either.

Maybe someone else has a more definite answer?

-Annawen Ereiniel



Re: feminine of

No hyphen should be used here in either case.  I'd go with ion nîn and sell nîn.



Re: feminine of

Thank you both, ladies - I'm glad to know that no hyphen is needed.  Your research is much appreciated!

Darth; is there any indication that iell nin is more or less formal than sell nin?  

RAKSHA THE linguistically challenged DEMON



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