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April 2011 Birthday Cards

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in Ap riland you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the 2011 Birthhday Cards Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or send me an e-mail - I'll do my best to help.

April, 4th - RS: My favorite is, of course, Aragorn (with Arwen).  I would love to see how Aragorn handle the after-effects of war.  I'm sure he's suffered some type of post traumatic syndrome (or not?)

April, 13th - Larner: I'd love any interaction between Frodo and Aragorn and Faramir.



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

No one is posting in this one this year?  Hmm.

Well, my birthday is April 13, and I'd love any interaction between Frodo and Aragorn and Faramir.  Three of my favorite men together!  Heh!



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Hey, Larner! Happy birthday (or birthday eve, I suppose). Hope you have a great one!

I'm not sure if this qualifies as "interaction", but maybe? In any case, here's a set of three drabbles for you.


I. The Spectators

Fair sunlit skies billow with cloud and good cheer. The soft breeze is tense and expectant, and as it moves through the dense crowd, a ripple of silent anticipation is birthed. Those who await the coming of their long-absent sovereign stand upon toes, eager to catch a glimpse of this Man, this warrior, this healer.

Long years of faithful vigil have passed, and the people's ceaseless wait has now ended. Out of sullen darkness a new light is come, a beacon to guide Gondor through the coming age.

The titters and whispers halt, heads turn, and knees bend.

The King!

II. The Crown-bearer

Couched on a tasseled cushion, Frodo Baggins carries the Winged Crown before him. His bright eyes brim with emotion, and a smile quivers in the corners of his mouth. Joy is here in this place, and it is infectious.

His hands tremble a moment, and his step falters. But Frodo of the Nine Fingers walks on, head and shoulders straight—regal.

The crowd parts; Hands reach out to touch him; voices sing out his praise.

A flush comes across his pale cheeks, yet Frodo continues towards the dais, his precious burden in hand.

If only Bilbo could see him now.

III. The Steward's Son

Faramir, son of Denethor, watches with a growing sense of awe as Aragorn, the Ranger from the North, becomes Elessar, King of the Reunited Kingdom. The transformation is marvelous to behold.

The breeze billows through his hair, carrying with it the sweet scent of recommencement. This day, beyond any hope or want, Gondor is reborn. The crowd's mellifluous applause rolls through the air.  

Reaching down to the empty space between their bodies, Faramir grasps the White Lady's hand, presses it to his cheek. They share a secret smile, one of faith long-deterred.

These are wondrous days to be alive, he thinks.



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Well, Larner, it's not Frodo, Aragon and Faramir, but it is Fourth Age, which for me, a Silm person, is a departure that I would only do for you.  Happy Birthday Larner.  Here's On September 22nd

On September 22, F.A.

A birthday drabble for Larner


"Sam, my friend, and faithful companion, to you I owe all, so I'm giving you everything.  These things cannot repay you for your efforts, during the Quest and afterwards, trying to heal my wounds." 

 My book I have already given you.  My heart, you will always have.  My future rests away from you, which causes me great sorrow." 

 To heal, I must first break into pieces so small that I fear I may never be repaired.  The hardest break is leaving you."  Frodo pulled Sam into a close embrace, kissed his forehead, and walked to the ship without looking back. 



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

And as I've indicated elsewhere, I love this triptych.  How beautiful to see the King revealed and the Hobbit both honored and honoring, and the Steward finding his joy and fulfillment in spite of what went before and the losses of those he's ever loved and honored.  Thank you so!



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, but I am so honored, Erulisse!  Dear Frodo--having to give up all in order to find healing at last.  And he knows all owe Sam so much! 

Thank you so very much--it is such a beautiful and worthy gift!



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards


Wow..can't believe I've been out of the loop!  My birthday was April 4th. My favorite is, of course, Aragorn (with Arwen).  I would love to see how Aragorn handle the after-effects of war.  I'm sure he's suffered some type of post traumatic syndrome (or not?).



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Larner!

I couldn't quite get Frodo, Aragorn and Faramir to interact. Instead my inspiration for this double drabble ran along similar lines to Erulisse.


The Ring is gone, but Frodo remembers Its whispers – cajoling, tempting, sometimes threatening, but always there as It broke him to Its will. The Ring had led Boromir to his doom and the breaking of the Fellowship. Surely It had attempted to suborn the other members of the Fellowship also? What about Aragorn? Had It not spoken to him, or had Aragorn refused to listen?

And beyond the Fellowship... Faramir was Boromir's brother, yet he had been deaf to the temptations of the Ring. "I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway," he had said, and Frodo believed him. What strength did Aragorn and Faramir possess that Boromir lacked, that he lacked? Or must he compare himself with Gollum, rather than with Boromir, for Gollum was once a Hobbit…

Enough! he tells himself. Cannot the Ring cease preying on his mind? Can he not have peace even now It is gone? He stops a sigh before it can escape. Yet even so, he draws a worried glance from Sam, and he forces his hand towards the jewel that the Lady Arwen gave him, and clings to the hope that he may find peace in the West.



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Hi RS,

Happy belated birthday!

'Peace' probably counts as an after-effect of war Wink, so here's a scenelet (as yet untitled) illustrating one problem that may arise in peaceful times:


Aragorn caught Arwen's glance as they watched Eldarion at sword practice. He treats this as a game. Yet how can it be otherwise in these days of peace?

"Real battle is not a practice match with a friend. He'll learn soon enough."

Eldarion quickly defeated his opponent, then laughingly helped him stand up again.

"He needs better opponents," Arwen said. "Perhaps…"

"No," Aragorn said, "He would expect your brothers or Glorfindel to win. I'll find him some wily old sergeant to spar with."  

"Age and cunning?" Arwen asked, smiling.

"And the lesson to not underestimate an opponent by his looks."




Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Wow...never thought of that kind of problem after war--this is a tougher job for Aragorn!

But I love his solution!  I'm smiling with Arwen right now!

Thanks so much Nath.  I love it!



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Glad you like it

I'm assuming that Eldarion is about sixteen here, and that he was born in a period of relative peace. I'm not so sure Eldarion will enjoy it though when that sergeant dumps his royal behind in the sand for the umpteenth time Laugh out loud



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Ah, but this includes thoughts of the three, and I must say I appreciate it very much! 

Sorry to be so late in responding, but RL has been active this year.  Thanks so very much, Nath! 



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, I do like this, Nath.  Yes, Eldarion needs to have new sparring partners who will indeed challenge not only his skill but his expectations.  This is wonderful!  A perfect gift for RS.



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

I posted this to RS elsewhere, but think I should do so here as well.  Enjoy again, RS!

Written for the LOTR Community Poetry challenge.  For RS for her birthday.  Beta by Lindelea

Ode to a Hopeless Love
(found by Bilbo after the Fellowship left Rivendell)

She walks in beauty like the night!
Pretentious words!  They just aren't right!
How I worship from afar
the beauteous Arwen Evenstar!
Now, there's a sentiment trite and callow
from one whose heart has long lain fallow.
I sound the veriest shallow youth.
How to speak my heart's sweet truth?
For she's an Elf and I a Hobbit.
I see her and my heart will throb!  It
seems my loves are doomed to fail.
It's best my thoughts I not unveil.
But is it love or merely fancy?
It's not as if there were a chance she
would give a thought to such as me,
who's bungled things so thoroughly.
A wand'rer now, my home abandoned,
a quest to take me to a sad end--
or so it seems.  What can she see
beyond the one who draws her pity?
But if I could my love but tell,
I'd speak of sweet Undómiel!
And with ev'ry attempted verse
my writing grows but worse and worse!
She smiles, and stars rise in the sky.
She sings, and not an eye stays dry.
Oh, Frodo, best put down thy pen
before it proves to be no friend!
Leave poetry to others who
can weave words far more sweet than you.
No, not for you the Evenstar,
nor Pearls, nor flowers in a jar.
Your dreams, you know, are too oft foul,
wicked enough to make one howl!
Nay, if you would see her stay untainted,
best she not see your heart's been painted
with bloody images of pain and death,
quite enough to stop one's breath.
Yet I would love you, Arwen, queen
of my heart--well, it might have been!



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Glad to see it here Larner

And yes, I did enjoy it again...twice as much!  So Beautiful.



Re: April 2011 Birthday Cards

Glad you enjoyed itSmile



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