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FIXED - Reviewers cannot get to reviews

This is a final fix to a bug that was given a short term fix three days ago.

Reviewers would click a link from the site home page or the Reviews home page to go to a specific review. Instead of seeing the review, they would be redirected to the Resources home page. The redirect action as going to the wrong page - it should have gone to ether the Reviews home or the site home depending on the reason for the redirect - and have been corrected. The deeper problem is that the access level of the logged in user was not matching the user's Reviewer status. The story in review read the lower level status and threw the reviewer out as unauthorized.

A check has been added in the code to test for overall access level when a reviewer is reactivated. If the two levels are out of sync, the member level is elevated to match the reviewer level.

For any reviewer encountering this problem:

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to My Stuff/My Profile
  3. Click the button to DEactivate yourself as a reviewer
  4. Click the button to REactivate yourself as a reviewer
  5. Log off HASA
  6. Log back in

The deactivation followed by reactivation makes your security access levels match. Logging out and logging back in resets your current session information with the updated profile.

Reported by Rhapsody and thelauderdale.



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