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FIXED - Story Page Views in My Stuff

Two errors have been fixed in the Page Views section of My Stuff.

1. Story selection drop-down would get "stuck" on a story. If the author selected a story, clicked on a chapter page count to see view details, then clicked the "Back to main page link", the URL would pick up the ID of the story just viewed and would not allow the selection form to clear that value. This prevented the author from viewing any other story. The form now clears correctly.

2. Fix my Clicks showed a story that didn't belong to the author. In Page Views, there is a link, "Fix my clicks,"  to allow authors to fix a mismatch in how the old site and the new site record page views per chapter. The author is supposed to select one of her stories from a drop down, view a list of chapters for that story, and click a button on each chapter to remove the old tracking values and replace them with new values. The system tracks what stories have been updated so an author does not do the same story over and works on only one story at a time to prevent server overload. The system was only selecting the most recently flagged story, not the most recently flagged by the specific author. The selection script has been updated and now only displays stories belonging to the author.

Reported by Nath and Anglachel.



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