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OFC (Original Female Character) Beta Forum

I moderate a forum (outside HASA) that is designed to provide honest critique in combination with positive* support for fics that feature or contain Original Female Characters.
*positive support does not mean a slobbery bunch of group hugs and back patting. What it means is that we will try to give you meaningful suggestions for improvement.

It is known that OFCs are generally not well accepted in this world due to the overabundance of flamboyant MarySues and fantastical self-insertions. We don't debate that, (except sometimes on the 'rant' thread). We accept that we are held to a higher standard and strive to meet that. What we try to do is provide a level of support in looking at stories and in addition to general plot and character critique and comments, we pay special attention to keeping the OFC believable within Middle-earth or the AU parameters set by the writer.

We are a small group with a very wide variety of types and lengths of stories, some of us have been writing for a long time, some are working on their first fic. It is a private group which means discussion and comment is not available to be seen by anyone except groups members.

A word of warning, that this is a working forum. You are expected to read and provide reviews and critiques, at least as many as you ask for. Because it is a small group, the activity level can vary greatly from very active to very slow depending on the number of chapters being posted.

If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact me privately at



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