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HotK - General Comments

OK, I *finally* added a character list in an appendix. Nothing too fancy, just a table of names in order of appearance. Ang



Updates to chapters 1 - 15

As long promised, I have *finally* gone back over the first 15 chapters and have performed updates on them. Most of it is typo corrections, some rephrasings, and a little formatting. The significant changes are noted below: Ch 4 - Faithful - Extended the opening scene between Denethor & Thorongil. Added an explanation there of how many more years they now had to plan against the Corsair invasion. Ch. 6 - Promise - Added some new details to Finduilas's account of how she is related to Morwen of Lossarnach. Turns out that Morwen's father is a decendent of a past prince of Dol Amroth, so I toss that in. However, she's still Luinil's first cousin. Ch. 7 - Descent - Large change to the backstory where Denethor is recalling the retaking of Osgiliath. The years now add up, Denethor's elder cousin, Boromir, is introduced, and other characters, such as Thengel and Angelimir, are given their historical places. Ch. 11 - Flirtation - Small change to Luinil's account of her courtship with Adrahil. Huge thanks to DL7 who went through each chapter with a fine tooth comb and found almsot all of the inconsistencies. I am deeply grateful for her attention to the details. Toodles - Ang



Re: Updates to chapters 1 - 15

>thanks to DL7 *blushes* Aw shucks. You're welcome. I can't do anything to make the site easier to run, but I can try to make the story easier to write. At least, to clean up.



Re: HotK - General Comments

Just a note to everyone who has been posting in the forum lately - thanks! I have been up to my ears in technical stuff the last week and haven't had a chance to really comment, but I have read all of the posts. Many interesting perspectives and questions, giving me much to think about. The server swap is almost over (DNS change took effect today) and I have the outline for the next chapter written, so (if the muse cooperates) I should have another installment in the next 10 days to 2 weeks. Toodles - Ang



Re: HotK - General Comments

Aaaaagh....can't wait that long



Re: HotK - General Comments

Hey Kids,

I wanted to send out a general note on HotK. I haven't posted in a while and probably won't put up a new post until late July or even early August. The last six months have been rough, and have been neglecting the site while I got personal stuff sorted out. As a result, I'm spending June and a chunk of July doing some long-overdue upgrades to HASA, which means HotK has been put on the back burner.

I am still writing and I will finish the story. I hope to have the rough drafts finished by the end of 2006.

Thanks as always for your support and comments!

Toodles - Ang 



Re: HotK - General Comments

Good luck with your work for the site, Ang!

(Yep, I know, I've been awfully quiet lately, but I still enjoy reading your fic. Am looking forward to the new installments! )



Re: HotK - General Comments

Hi Astara,

I have 20 chapters currently posted for the beta reading group, so I'm making progress. I have a rule that I can't publish a chapter for the public until I finish with an alpha/rough draft chapter. That puts the pressure on me to get the work done. 

I'm busy planning out the last portion of the story (in the beta chapters, I am past the Umbar invasion and Thorongil's departure), with only three big events left - Faramir's birth, Ecthelion's death and Finduilas's death. A little depressing, so it's hard to write.    OTOH, as usually happens when something is keeping me from writing, I'm getting all of these story ideas and plot bunnies that I'm noting down, so it should make writing go a little faster when I get back to it. A strange plot turn in a recent chapter set up a scene in a yet-to-be-written chapter, which gave me an idea about some characters, which led me to look something up in Unfinished Tales, which reminded me of an obscure fact that pulls it all together. That was fun!

Toodles - Ang 



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