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Ch. 33 - Between


Third of six Finduilas POV chapters. Finduilas spends the last few days between her old life and her new. Tales are told, dreams occur, and wishes come true. Politics and portents abound.

Great thanks to the beta brigade. 




Re: Ch. 33 - Between

Nice chapter, and tied up a few loose ends for me. (Plenty of questions remain, however). I do hope Beregar can be happy with his wife!




Re: Ch. 33 - Between

Glad you liked it.

What loose ends were tied up? And what questions remain? As for the fate of Beregar and Aeluin, that will continue through the rest of the story. They are permanent characters from here on out.

Toodles - Ang 



Re: Ch. 33 - Between

By request, here is a PDF file showing the layout of the Stewards House:

Stewards House - opens in new window. 

Four floors, wider at the rear than at the front slightly (though I don't show that very well), long and narrow, and arranged against a circular wall. The back of the house against the wall actually curves slightly. Doors are left implicit.  There are three windows across the front on all floors, all able to open and all fairly tall and narrow. The ground floor back has no windows as it is up against the wall.  The solar will have relatively large windows facing east. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor rooms overlooking the kitchen court probably have small, opaque windows to let in light, but wouldn't open due to privacy, smoke and smell. Upper floors looking east will have tall, narrow windows as found on the front. Had I been ambitious, I might have made those into balconies, but didn't. 

The children's rooms on the third floor are modeled after houses I observed in the Azores and in diagrams of the transformation of estates in England "The Public and the Private in the Stately Homes of England, 1500-1990"  published in Social Research, Spring 1991.  In both cases, you see older building arrangements did not have many corridors/hallways, but simply had doors leading from one room to another. In the Azorean country homes, there would be a wing that simply grew, one room at a time, like rattles on a rattlesnake.

The alcoves for sleeping are taken from Tolkien himself who describes the house where Gandalf and Pippin  are lodged as having a central room with sleeping alcoves around the sides. In this case, I  imagine the ground floor having an archway to a common kitchen court shared with the building next to it, and then interlocking alcoves poking from one building into the other forming the arch itself.

Probably not internally structurally viable, but  that's the layout.

Toodles- Ang 



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