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Ch. 47 - Enough

Ch. 47 - Enough

Second of three Denethor POV chapters. No warnings.

What will be enough? Enough to cure Finduilas. Enough to keep Gondor safe. Enough to make Denethor feel secure.

The chapter covers a lot of territory geographically and thematically. I'm rather pleased at providing an answer to the obvious question of why haven't the Corsairs been attacking more and/or in greater strength after Thorongil burned the ships and the Ring War?

Several significant scenes with Thorongil, some small exchanges with Finduilas, and an important plot-building scene with minor characters. Plus a council and a discussion of pity, moral and political obligation, and realistic foreign policy, oh my! How will Thorongil convince Ecthelion to let him attack Umbar?

Publishing will be slow in June as I have two major coding projects due during the month.

A huge thank you to DL7 who did a major read-through and typo patrol  in May.




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