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OMY Ch. 23 - Bagshot Row

Bagshot Row
Warnings: None

In which Frodo gives Bilbo a final Yule gift.

Last chapter - thank you for reading.




Re: OMY Ch. 23 - Bagshot Row

Ang, I did not want to see this come to an end! I don't know if I can give any sort of useful review, I like it too much. You integrated the political and economic issues well. As I think I've said before, this is far from my vision of Frodo, but it's so well done that I don't care.

I love Gilda. I want stories on early Gilda and Bilbo, or even just early Gilda. Will you be writing Bilbo and Frodo visiting Rivendell, or is this it?




Re: OMY Ch. 23 - Bagshot Row

Well, I think I need to take a break from Hobbits for a while, so this will be it for a bit. I won't have a Bilbo/Frodo go to Rivendell, because they never did, but I might have a horse-buying adventure in Bree. Dwarves and Grey Riders would figure, though not The Prancing Pony.

I have been thinking of writing about Bilbo and Gilda in their early lives, but am not sure quite how to do it. I have three distinct periods:

Bilbo & Drogo immediately after the Fell Winter and up until Bilbo takes his mother back to the Great Smials after his father's death.

Gilda & Bilbo from when they first meet at the Old Took's last birthday, until Bilbo goes off on his adventure with Gandalf & Thorin.

Bilbo, Drogo & Primula after he returns from the adventure, up until Frodo's birth.

Each of these would include a panoply of secondary cousins and characters, especially Rory, the children of the Old Took (Bilbo's maternal aunts and uncles), Wilibold Bolger, Rufus Burrows, Prisca Baggins, and Belladonna Took.

Sigh - I begin to understand how JRRT could never finish the Silmarillion.

I have (tentatively) four stories planned to follow OMY:

1. "Lithe" - The event s at the Free Fair - how do Odogar's plans shake out? We get to meet the infamous Thain, and we see how Bilbo has been using his dragon gold.

2. "A Gathering of Friends" - Bilbo's 100th birthday - lessons in love and loyalty, and Elves. The Bree trip would probably fall in here.

3. "From the South" - several years later, after Pippin's birth. The clan heads gather in the Great Smials to take council with the Thain over defense of the Shire.

4. "Quick to Anger" - a few more years. Gandalf finally shows up.

So, that's sort of, kind of in the cards. There's also all my Dwarf stories, the Denethor fic, and the 2nd age stories of Galadriel, Eregion and Khazad-dum.

And then there are all those little Nuzgul nipping at my ankles (Dwim, wipe that smirk off your face, missy, before I send you a Nuzgul you *can't* refuse!), and I'll have to do a few of the quickie Challenges, and my old 10th member of the Fellowship fic is snickering at me and demanding some attention, and ARGH!!!!!

the exhausted



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