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In the Kitchens of Rivendell

Not quite sure where this one came from. I think Dwim challenged someone to write about it, so I did.

In the Kitchens of Rivendell

Sam is a wonderful character. He doesn't have much book smarts, but he is one of the most sensible characters in LOTR. What so often strikes us as funny when first reading LOTR slowly turns into respect for this very plain-spoken hobbit. Sam has a romantic streak, one that allows him to see the tragedy of the passing of magical times, but his rootedness (like his beloved garden) brings him to try to share what magic remains, instead of mourning that most has passed. He is the ordinary man, rising to the challenge of terrible and evil times.

I tried to write a story in which Sam's no-nonsense view of the world would be a source of humor, but where he himself was not the butt of a joke. And I bet Elrond's kitchens are pretty impressive.



Re: In the Kitchens of Rivendell

Oh, yes. I read this when you first posted it, but I don't think I ever had time to write you about it.

Start to finish, there's not a false step in it. Elrond's kitchens are just as I would have pictured them, had I thought about them at all--how cool of you to go to what most people would take for granted and make a fine story of it. The bustling workers were beautifully described, and I loved Sam's dance around and under them as he found and appropriated what he wanted.

The cook, the only chubby Elf Sam had ever seen, was wonderful. I'd like to see a story with more about him--it's almost difficult to even imagine a chubby Tolkien Elf. (He'd probably weigh 130 lbs instead of 120, and buckle his belt on the third hole instead of the fourth. )




Re: In the Kitchens of Rivendell

Ahhh.... sorry. Read this story, but you're not getting anything scathy or witty this time- at least not from me. The fic was just too cute for that, but maybe next time. ;-)

I liked especially the continual mention of Sam's height/size in proportion to the things around him. It was made repeatedly clear, but never exaggerated. No way in Mandos you're going to forget that this is a Hobbit in an Elven establishment while reading. All in all, that small point alone made the setting very easy to visualize. Also, on the subject of Elves, I liked your rendition of them. How some paid more or less attention to Sam than others made each seem more 'real'. (Don't know about the chubby one, though. I rather agree with LoTR-Lover... probably a chubby elf would most closely resemble an average Human. ;)

I felt that poor Sam's trouble in such a simple task was relayed quite effectively, and at the end it really brought our beloved gardener's character home. He did it all for a simple picnic with Frodo, swearing off any inconvenience. Aw.

By the way, the story did not strike me as particularly funny. It was amusing, and kind of cute/sweet, but I didn't laugh at any point. That's not intended to be a put-down in any way! I'm just saying. It was light hearted and entertaining, but I wouldn't say laugh-out-loud humorous. (Hey, I made my beta cry with a story I personally thought was funny... it's a tricky sport, humor-fics... ;-)



Re: In the Kitchens of Rivendell

It is humorous compared to my usual fare >D

Thanks! I liked the idea of a chubby elf myself, as I think there must be one somewhere, and of course a Hobbit would find a kindred spirit therein.

And then it is always fun to write Sam. He does exasperated so well. If they'd just use some Hobbit-sense! grumble, grumble....




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