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Setting the scene

For those of you who might like a clearer mental picture of where "Rock and Hawk" takes place, here is something very like:

Machir Bay, Islay





Re: Setting the scene

Ohh, I like it! What a lovely image. I'm glad to know I am not the only one who has images in mind when I write a story (although mine tend to be links to pictures of things rather than beautiful landscapes)

I think you need to use angle brackets rather than square brackets for the HASA site, but I can't get it to work either, except as an external link.

Machir Bay, Islay

Machir Bay, Islay



Re: Setting the scene

 Oh, wait--cool!!

Okay, I figured something out.   Here's another bit of the picture, although it should be perched much higher.  These are the King's Caves on the isle of Arran, so called because Robert the Bruce hid out here when the English were scouring Scotland for him.

King's Caves, Arran

And now that I've figured that out, I will be good and stop.  I don't want to be a bandwidth hog!



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