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A Cat In King Elessar's Court

There are times when the Muse just surprises me. This tale is one of the times. I haven't been owned by a cat in a very long time, but, as I wrote this tale, the memories flooded back.

I know that for some, a cat such as the main character in this tale, might seem incongruous; however, Tolkien did write that Beruthiel's cats were unique. So - as a descendant of one of her own, I think it plausible that this cat could have been a member of Denethor's court.

1) Ten cats belonging to the Queen of Gondor. Queen Berúthiel was the wife of Tarannon Falastur, the twelfth King of Gondor. She had nine black cats and one white cat. Her cats were stealthy and adept at finding their way in the dark. Queen Berúthiel used the cats as spies in order to learn the secrets that the people of Gondor wanted to keep hidden so that she could have an advantage over them. She was able to speak with her cats or read their minds in order to learn what they had discovered. The people of Gondor hated and feared the cats, but the cats were not safe from Queen Berúthiel either. She tormented them and she had the white cat spy on the black cats.  It is said that Tarannon Falastur set Queen Berúthiel and her cats adrift at Sea and they were never seen again.  Sources:  The Fellowship of the Ring: "A Journey in the Dark," p. 325. Unfinished Tales: "The Istari," p. 401-402 note 7 

I hope it is not a 'failing' of my writing that makes questions come to my reader's minds. Since I usually find I have a lot of reviews with questions, my Author's Notes tend to be QUITE LARGE to help preclude any such questions. Please enjoy the A/N's at the end of each chapter. I personally believe they are quite educational, i.e, do cats cry or not.

Final Notes: For some reason, it is not because the scribe became bored with this tale, or uncomfortable at the length of it (giggles), or just NEEDED it to be done, but it felt, once the battle was over, to both Alqualondë and myself, that the rest of the tale need not be told at this time. I had hoped to write more of Pip and Merry and the Cat, but his duties were many and he had not much time to spend with the Hobbits, though he wanted desperately to. I am heartily sorry if some feel pain at what they might consider a brusque ending. It is not brusque in the Cat's mind, nor in the scribes. Be that as it may, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people.

By the way, I had to giggle. I found a reply at Chapter Two that stated this was going to be just a couple more chapters! So, you see, you really can't be too disappointed!

Writing, at least for this scribe, is a two-way street. I know I could not have finished it in what I consider record time, if not for the support of those readers and reviewers at Stories of Arda. Never have I come across such a wealth of wondrous writers/readers. Their support and comments and reviews kept me going. I cannot thank them enough. Nor can I thank Edlyn, whose one comment took me off on a totally different path, Neilia for her hugs, Episcopal Witch (best reviewer ever!), and eiluj, without whose input to the Denethor discussion I wonder where on earth I'd be with this tale!

Baggins Babe, Cathleen, Claudia, daw the Minstrel, Dreamflower, elanor winterflowers, Elea24, Esquire_of_Rohan, Fiondil, Golden, Grey Wonderer, Halrohir, Inkling, irene (my deepest sympathies for the Cat gravitating to Aragorn instead of Faramir, but that would only meet with Faramir's hearty approbation!), Larner, Linda Hoyland, Lynda (aka 6336), meckinock, Pearl Took, Raksha, Rhyselle, Sarasrati, shirebound, Soledad, Surgical Steel, Stefania, Szepilona10, Tari and Tigger.

Those folks at the Fellowship board, Primula, Jimbo Baggins, tahawas, Evermind, Silivren Ithilien, Dandyb, and Tari, along with Linaewen's always loving support. Thank you.

Out of the twenty-two comments here at HASA, TWENTY were from Kitt Otter. I cannot thank her enough for her support.

Ten thousand thanks from Alqualondë and his dutiful scribe, Agape.



Re: A Cat In King Elessar's Court

One really, really has to laugh sometimes!

I have been writing a Denethor saga for coming up to five years now. I started it to refute PJ's treatment of Denethor in RotK and the 'hate/anger' of some towards him because of that.

Well - then I got a crazy dream about a cat and Denethor and (as a whim) wrote it. Seems I didn't have to do the epic one at all - my Cat tale seems to have helped change some readers' opinions.

It just won a First Place in one of the MEFA categories. BUT the thing that I find most interesting is one of the reviews which thoroughly states I had finally reached my goal - absolvement for Denethor in people's eyes - by this little tale - NOT the epic! See the quote below - I'm leaving the 'author' anonymous.

"I could feel pity for Denethor for the first time. He is not someone I really like,
but the cat showed the good sides of Denethor and grew in me an
understanding of his plight."



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