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INFO - Story Summary Displays

This post is for informational purposes.

A number of authors have emailed about inserting banners for the recently awarded MEFAs in their story summaries. To avoid sending multiple emails:

  • Yes, please feel free to link a banner if you desire. You may link any banner, not just MEFAs.
  • The banner must be linked to from another server (i.e., the image is not stored on HASA) to reduce server and bandwidth load. Just have a URL for the image and click the Image icon (the tree) for a pop-up where you can paste the image URL.
  • Centering of text and images is not available at this time due to a conflict between the HTML editor and the HASA CSS files. This is being resolved, but there is no ETA for it yet. Please leave your image left-aligned for now.
  • Images do not show up in the story lists as all HTML tags are stripped out. Story summaries are truncated after 500 characters (including white spaces) to keep the lists short and easy to scan. HTML is removed to prevent tags from being cut off by the character truncation as well as to prevent poorly coded HTML from distorting the page.
  • Images will show up on the story overview pages.
  • Images can be inserted into a chapter page if you prefer the award banner to appear there. General illustrations can be added as well, though images wider than 550 pixels may not fit comfortably on the page for viewers with screen resolutions narrower than 1280 pixels. Also, large images may make pages slow to load.




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