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Query about a story

About 2 months ago, I read a fanfiction story online and now I can't remember what the story is! I think it was on HASA, but I may be mistaken.

It was a 4th Age story, two of the main characters were Legolas and Aragorn. I think the opening scene was of Aragorn holding court in Minas Tirith and Legolas storming into the throne room acting crazy. Aragorn tells the guards not to restrain Legolas and asks Legolas what's wrong. Legolas tells Aragorn that his son Eldarion is a spoiled brat. Aragorn doesn't believe him. Faramir comes forward and seconds what Legolas said. Aragorn is in shock. Legolas tells Aragorn exactly why he was so upset. Eldarion told Legolas that he must bow before him when he approaches and then Eldarion told Legolas to go and play in the forest like the Sindarin monkey he is! Aragorn is getting angry. He storms off to find Eldarion. The scene ends with Eldarion looking out from behind the pillar where he was hiding the whole time and laughing to himself that his father would never punish him.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense! If you have any idea which story this is, or who wrote it, I'd be grateful! It's such a good story, I really want to read it again!



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