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Rally and Challenge to Support the Hobbit

If you've been watching the news out of NZ, you probably know that the Hobbit is in jeopardy... at least from being filmed in the settings we know and love from the LOTR series.

Not getting into the politics, but there is a rally planned for Monday.



Re: Rally and Challenge to Support the Hobbit

My own little thoughts on what horrors can unfold with this decision.


"They're gone, Pippin. They're all gone."

"What do you mean? Who's all gone?"

"The people. Here. Even Rosie and Mrs. Bracegirdle."

"I know there's no one here at the pub, Merry. Must have gone fishing. Now aren't you glad I learned how to draw ale. Put your feet up and enjoy it." He shoved a flagon at Merry.


The anguish in Merry's voice wrenched at his cousin's heart. Pip stood up, dumping his chair.

"Merry. What are you going on about?"

"The people, Pip. They're all gone. All the Hobbits. There's some sheep left, but no people."

"You're not making sense. I didn't hear any warning sirens from the Shirriffs."

"Come with me." Merry pulled on Pippin's arm so hard the flagon of ale fell from his fingers. The Hobbit cried in distress, but nothing would stop Merry's yanking.

"Here!" Merry waved a piece of parchment in front of Pippin's nose. "Someone left a note, Pippin. It says they've gone off to Eastern Europe. I don't know where that is. Says there's no work here." Merry sat in a crumpled heap on the flagstones outside of the Green Dragon.

"Then we'll never get a pub in Hobbiton." Pippin wept.



Re: Rally and Challenge to Support the Hobbit

I'll be there in spirit!

Although I wouldn't be heartbroken if the decision was made to film in the UK




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