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New Name - New Focus

Hello folks!

Some members have asked, and Mike has cheerfully agreed, to make this discussion a more general forum on all things that have to do with Hobbits. Not only do we love (or sometimes loathe) the furry-footed fellows, we love to talk about their history, their society, favorite passages from the books, and (especially) our stories and story ideas for them.

So jump in and have a good time!





Ok, nothing happening on this thread, so let's see if I can add a hyperlink (couldn't last time I posted, but HASA is a wonderful site, not least because I'm learning all kinds of neat computer stuff -- how to make italics, & hopefully now, how to add a link!)




Re: testing.....

YAY!!!! Dances madly around the computer.........

Had the fire department at my house this morning, overheated the wood burner. Stupid, stupid. This kinda makes up for it!



Re: testing.....


The things you learn by hanging out with folks like us... ;-)

Hope all is well and uncharred at your house,




Re: testing.....

Thanks, Ang -- yeah, all's well. The funny part is, the house is full of smoke, the smoke detectors are going berzerk, I can't shut the darn stove down -- I've got this list running thru my mind: get the KID out, get the DOGS out, grab my box of floppys with all my stories on them and get THEM out!! LOL! Never mind family photos, etc., etc. -- don't lose the stories! Think I'm obsessed.......



Re: testing.....

Well, at least you have your priorities in the right order! Though around my famly's house, it would have been have the kids get the dogs out. And the cats. And the gerbils. Oh, and the rat. Don't forget the boa! ;-)

Very, very glad all is well,




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