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new hobbit stories

Awful quiet over here in Hobbiton! I'd like to offer a suggestion -- how about any time someone posts a new hobbit story, announce it on this thread? I know I'm always watching for a new one, but sometimes I don't get on the site for a couple of days, could easily miss something in that time. This way, we could just check here to see what's new.

I've got a new one up on beta: Another Way of Leaving. And Lindelea has one too -- Going, Going, Gone. I won't brag about mine, that would be rude but hers is marvelous, and funnier than a basketful of kittens!



Re: new hobbit stories

Both of those stories are good, I can definitely recommend them. On a shameless self-promotion note of my own I've revised my story, Dropping Eaves (a lot, its amost unrecognisable).

Hopefully this will work: Dropping Eaves



Re: new hobbit stories

Flagrant self promotion:

My new Fourth Age hobbit story has just gone on the 'published' list.

It's call The Mathom House Quest and features Sam, Merry and Pippin, but the main focus is on five of their children on an errand that turns into an adventure.

It's a sequel to my Pip and young Faramir piece Broken. I'd really appreciate some feedback on it.

Thank you. (advert over)



Re: new hobbit stories

I've written a couple of hobbit stories, too.( most of them rather dark )
Except for one called Autumn Day they are all in the beta section.

*searches for The Mathom House Quest*



Re: new hobbit stories


I'm quite new here.
So far I have been writing only about hobbits and until now I don't think I will change this in the near future.
Anyway, I tend to write angst or drama.



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