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Hobbit Minor Characters

[A copy of a post in the Research Forum]

Just a reminder to Hobbit fans that Minor Character Collections aren't exclusive collections - anyone who has done some research on a minor Hobbit (anyone besides Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Rosie, Merry & Pippin would count, I think) (And Lobelia, as she has her own list entry).

Anyone want to do Otho? Saradoc? Paladin? The Old Took? Esmeralda? Belladonna? Fatty and/or Estella Bolger?Jump right in! There is now a way to submit a single chapter to an existing Character collection (ask Lyllyn for details).

Don't leave poor Otho all alone! Contribute to the "Hobbits - Minor Characters" collection!

Toodles - Ang



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