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Just need to confirm this: Was Gilraen REALLY twelve years old when she married Arathorn?



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Nope - she was 22. Born 2907 and married in 2929. That was apparently considered young to marry though. Avon



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That was apparently considered young to marry though. ...I would add: young for the Dúnedain, who had a longer life span than non-Dúnedain. I doubt that it would have been considered young by, for example, the Rohirrim. - Barbara



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Yes, sorry if I was unclear - I was thinking of this: "His son Arathorn sought in marriage Gilraen the Fair, daughter of Drhael, who was himself a descendant of Aranarth. To this marriage Drhael was opposed; for Gilraen was young and had not reached the age at which the women of the Dúnedain were accustomed to marry.'" LOTR



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Just to add - looking at the family trees in HoMe 12 for the Princes of Dol Amroth (who seem a more well-adjusted bunch than the Steward's family from which to draw data!), it seems to be typical for Dúnedain men to marry a couple of years either side of the age of 30, if the age at which they produce first children is anything to go by. In Appendix A, Denethor is described as having "married late" at age 47, while Boromir being unmarried at 40 is also seen as a little odd. Faramir being unmarried at the still relatively advanced age of 35 is seen as less odd, for some reason. And nobody ever seems to comment on Theodred's apparent lack of wife and children, despite him being a similar age to Boromir. I guess this is partly "things are different in wartime" and also simply JRRT not explaining everything! As always, there's much less evidence on the woman - and what there is conflicts a little. The fact that Finduilas married Denthor when she was 25 or 26, and given this is probably an arranged one of some years long-standing, suggets they might have waited until she reached teh age at which it was customary for women to marry, which backs up the comments about Gilraen being on the young side. However, Theoden's mother, Morwen of Lossarnach, is only 21 when she marries Thengel (who is 38 and also described as having married late, while Lothiriel (date of birth from HoMe 12) is aound 22 when she marries Eomer. From Morwen of Lossarnach, we can also deduce that Dúnedain women seem to be easily capable of childearing into their forties (since Eomer and Eowyn's mother Theodwyn is born 20 years after the marriage). Hope that helps Cheers, Liz (who is clearly way too obsessed by Gondor) Edit: just to add that I've just noticed that Theodwyn is 25 or 26 when she marries Eomund, while Eowyn is a similar age when she marries Faramir - so marriage at a younger age may not be typical of the Rohirrim. Of course, they both have Dúnedain blood and you can't generalise to the population from the Royal household....



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Gaah... crappy maths Thanks for clearing that up guys!



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