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Thank you

What is the convention with thanking or crediting those who help us?

I've been asking permission to credit; do people find that silly, or would they be offended to have their name mentioned if not asked?

Do you credit everyone who helps in a forum? My example: "My thanks to v, w, x, y, and z for their help on widgets" or "thanks to everyone who gave help on the widget forum?"




Re: Thank you

I'd never be offended to have my name mentioned in such a circumstance, asked or not. (I'd be more likely to be offended if I felt I'd given a great deal of help and wasn't mentioned... )

Do you credit everyone who helps in a forum?

Off the cuff, it depends on just how many people you're talking about. If you list a dozen people or more, that seems excessive (unless you're writing a multi-volume epic novel), and if it was all on a single forum, naming the forum discussion makes sense. If it's just a handful, then individual names are nice. If you're not sure you can remember everyone's name, make it general, or someone might think "gee, why'd she name everyone but me?"!




Re: Thank you

Personally, when I thank individual people it's because they've done in excess of what I would normally expect.

If you participate in a forum like HASA or HA, then you expect and probably joined explicitly to give a certain amount of input on people's stories. Because there's an implicit volunteering by just joining the list, I wouldn't think you'd need to thank those people, though if a certain group has really helped you out more than most, a general thank-you to the broup would be nice.

And when I thank people for helping me (such as when someone at HA [don't have the name off-hand] helped me with Quenya translations) I will say "Thanks, and I'll be mentioning you in my fic". It gives them the opportunity to ask that youdon't. But I don't think that's requried.



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