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Am struggling mightily with americanisms today. I just read my latest chapter and winced three times.

Does HA have some sort of reference where you can look up an American phrase, like "What's up?" and find out what the equivalent would be in proper Tolkien English?



Re: Suggestion?

Pretty specific request!
Dunno if HA has that resource, but I'd be willing to give your Americanisms a shot (literally), if you wanted.




Re: Suggestion?

Hmm ... doesn't Shakespeare or somebody have people crying "What goes?" as an inquiry/greeting?

I've read that somewhere used pretty much in the identical fashion as "what's up." Robin Hood might see Little John and holler, "What goes, John?" And Little John replies, "Nowt of importance." Anywho, that's the first thing that comes to mind.
Cheers ~




Re: Suggestion?

What goes, eh? Might work... I think I settled on "whatever is the matter?" but it is still up in the air.

Thanks, Aerlinnel, for the kind offer, you may be hearing from me! (am too tired to say anything definite yet, just took kiddos to amusement park for free ride day courtesy of the library's summer reading program.

sigh. exhausted.



Re: Suggestion?

As I recall, the Quill & Ink Yahoo group has a nice little guide to British phrases for the American M-E writer--I think I downloaded it already. Want me to send it to you?



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