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Modern - yes, that's right - boats

This is a bit of an unusual question, but is anyone out there a boating enthusiast? I'm looking for a make/model of motorboat, relatively inexpensive, that it would be easy for someone to climb onto (from inside the boat) and jump off of the front. Also, what is that front part of the boat called, just in front of the windshield?

-Aerlinnel, landlubber extraordinaire



Re: Modern - yes, that's right - boats

This may be fairly useless, but one of my friends has a motorboat and I'd recommend a fairly small motor-dingy, that seats up to 5/6 people. She has a Quicksilver one, with a 6 horsepower engine and it's fairly sturdy and fun to use. It cost around £500.

I'm not much use if you want a big motorboat, although I can probably find out.

- Elvenesse, who also knows very little about boats.



Re: Modern - yes, that's right - boats

Also, what is that front part of the boat called, just in front of the windshield?

Are you asking about the bow? Basic teminology is yours for the asking if you need it. If I'm misreading the question, apologies.

Elvenesse's suggestion of a dinghy is good, especially as they are often towed behind larger boats to serve as tenders to and from the mooring. I still remember having to jump from the forward deck of a 27 ft. sailboat onto the dock as we sailed past because someone had taken our dinghy from where we had left it at the mooring, and I had to retrieve it from dockside. One slip and I'd have been swimming in Boston Harbor! It wasn't a pleasant thing to comtemplate at the time because the pollution was so bad A slightly larger boat is a runabout, which more often than not is an outboard and is between 14 to 16 feet (4.3 to 4.9 meters) in length.

My Dad taught me to row a boat when I was very little, holding me in his lap while he rowed. I soloed in a rowboat before I ever did on a bike, so I guess I'm not a landlubber. But most of my experience is with non-motorized vessels, so I'm not much help as to make or model, unless I do a little research first.




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