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Hobbit/elf offspring

Talk about your loaded questions . . .

Am beginning to outline a story for the Fairy Wife nuzgul in the Hutch. My question is this: is there anything at all in the canon that would make it genetically/physically impossible for a hobbit male & elf female to actually produce a child together?


PS I'm going to make the elf shorter than normal, so you all can get your minds out of the gutter right there.



Re: Hobbit/elf offspring

Genetically, probably not impossible - Hobbits seem to be a subspecies of Men, from what I can tell, and we all know that Men and Elves can interbreed successfully.

Plausibly - I'm likely to run away screaming. But that's just me, and if you can set it up to make sense, more power to you!




Re: Hobbit/elf offspring

Well, it's just that height thing and, well, then there's the furry feet. I know long hair is supposedly a turn on for Elves, but I don't think it extends to foot hair. ;)



Re: Hobbit/elf offspring

No doubt, but I can tell you the story will be set in TA 1900-1974, around the time of the final fall of the North-kingdom. My elf will be about 45 (so not yet at full growth, plus she will be short compared to others), while the hobbit will be a Fallohide type unmixed with the other Hobbit strains--thus he won't be so hairy in the foot. Yes, I've given a lot of thought on how to finesse this already.

Or maybe Elves do dig foot hair--who knows?




Re: Hobbit/elf offspring

Logistics aside, though, isn't that a bit young for an Elf to become sexually active?




Re: Hobbit/elf offspring

Wanted to tell everyone who already commented that I've set up a thread at my forum with a more detailed plotline for this possible story. Your ideas were very helpful--but I'm still not sure I can make it work. Guess I won't know til I try . . .




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