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Stealing Nimloth's fruit

How much time (years and months) elapsed between Islidur's theft of Nimloth's fruit & the Fall? I cannot seem to puzzle out the exact amount from the text in the Silm.




Re: Stealing Nimloth's fruit

I cannot answer your question, but I stopped by to sympathize with the lack of data from Numenor and the second age!

I happened to have HoME XII and UT open, and with the encyclopedia of Arda I can see the following (potential) timelines:

3209 Possible birthdate of Isildur
3261Sauron is brought to Numenor
3310 Ar-Pharazon began planning to assail the Valar at the encouragement of Sauron.
3319 Downfall of Numenor

The persecution of the elf-friends had started by the time Isildur stole the fruit; and the King was under Sauron's sway; the temple is built and the wood of Nimloth is the first offered on the alter as they began to worship him. So I think its a take your pick - anytime maybe right before 3310?

Although you could probably make it suit your purposes regardless.

Not of much help,



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