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West-Doors of Moria

Narvi and Celebrimbor made the magical doors outside of Moria sometime during the Second age, at some point while Eregion and Khazad-dum had their best relations ever. I have looked in my copy of The Sil, UT and another Tolkien reference book and can't find the answer to this question: does anyone have an idea of when during the second age the doors were made? Was it before Celebrimbor was forging the rings, or during? I don't think there's an actual date, but I'd love a sense of when during the second age would make the most sense for the doors to have been completed.




Re: West-Doors of Moria

I should think it was before the forging of the rings--UT gives one the distinct impression that the good relationship between Moria & Eregion was partially rooted in Galadriel's fondness for dwarves, & since she seems to have lost her position there because of opposing Sauron, I can't imagine the dwarves were as friendly with the elves after her departure.




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Excellent thoughts. Thanks so much!




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