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Height of the White Mountains?

I've scanned LOTR and can't find any reference to the altitude of the White Mountains. Specifically, I need to know about the northern spur - the range between Dunharrow and the Gap of Rohan.

Does the Atlas of Middle-Earth make a guess at it? Does Tolkien say anywhere in HOME or his letters how high those peaks are?

Thanks for any help.



Re: Height of the White Mountains?

Alas, the Atlas of Middle-earth does not give a specific altitude reference. It does give a comparative - "Of the mountains that were mapped east of Beleriand, the Misty and White Mountains were shown as the highest, for they were snow-capped and seemed to have created the greatest barriers to both climate and travels through the ages." p 180

On p191 the Atlas gives a length estimate, 852 miles.




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