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Aragorn/Arwen's Offspring

This may seem like a simpleton question, BUT... their son, when was he born? Assuming that they only had the one, of course.



Re: Aragorn/Arwen's Offspring

Aragorn and Arwen had one son – Eldarion. They were said to have “daughters” also, though there are no clues as to how many. (My guess is that there were two.) Eldarion’s age: Michael Martinez answered this question on his forum a couple of years ago. His opinion was that Eldarion was probably 70-100 years old when Aragorn died (in Fourth Age 120). He said that in 1972 Tolkien assigned a reign of about 100 years to Eldarion. MM figured that Eldarion’s lifespan was probably similar to Aragorn’s - roughly 200 years. For what little it’s worth, I concur. ;) Ithildin *(



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