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Yoikes! Emergency Translation Needed!

I never thought the day would come that I would be writing something that would require any kind of translation at all, but apparently I was wrong (as I have been about so many, many things). I am looking for a translation for the words peaceful rest or peaceful haven, as in the sense of a place-name, if that makes any kind of difference. It should be in whatever branch of Elvish Faramir would speak - he's the one who's naming the place. I will leave now before I embarrass myself further with my total ignorance of all things Elvish. Thank you in advance for your help. Ann slinking away, trying to look inconspicuous...



Re: Yoikes! Emergency Translation Needed!

Well, Classical Sindarin is about the best form of Elvish known and it's the most likely (as far as I know) dialect that Faramir would speak. I'll give this a shot, but bear in mind that I'm away from my resources at the moment. I may post again when I get home if I feel the need to correct myself. ^_^;;; The Sindarin word for "peace" is siidh (with the double i being used to denote a long i that Tolkien always writes with an accent agu, but I'm stuck on an unfamilliar Linux box right now...). "Haven" is lond. And "rest" post. Putting them together as a place names, I would come out with: "Peaceful rest" = Siidhfost "Peaceful haven" = Siidhlond Note, this is not the common Sindarin syntax, but those rules seem to be somewhat relaxed for names. Siidhlond is so chosen because it follows the pattern found in Mithlond "Grey Haven." I'm not sure about the consonant mutation in Siidhfost of P-->F of post. I'll double check that for you sometime tonight, if I can. Should I be frightened that I know enough vocab off the top of my head to have done this without looking anything up? Yikes! Hope that helped you. ^_^ Bado na siidh. Berz.



Re: Yoikes! Emergency Translation Needed!

Siidhlond - that's gorgeous. Thank you! I salute your geekiness! Ann



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