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Nugzuls - Classification

Since the Nugzuls have been multiplying and Molly Littlefoot mentioned that they are not tribbles [reference original Stark Trek; asexual, born pregnant, the only determinant of birthing being how much food they consume], I was wondering. Has anyone classified tribbles in terms of biological classification: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species? Of course, nugzuls need to be classified too. As a researcher, the question is fascinating. And no, I AM NOT volunteering to find the answer. RiverOtter



Re: Nugzuls - Classification

Well, no, but the post was good for a laugh. Thank you. I'm stuck in a very frustrating lab, right now. You just made my day. ^_^ Bado na sídh. Berz.



Re: Nugzuls - Classification

*sigh* You will never believe this. I started something humorous a few months ago (inspired by bryn's Observation and Dissection of the Common Wood Elf (Telerius galadh), Notes from the Field, and Regeneration and the Immortals), which I have not completed. My fic was entitled Observation and Dissection of the Common Nuzgul (Plotbunnius pesticus). It's still sitting on my hard drive, far from actually completed (still mostly in the idea phase, actually), and now I see that someone is curious about the origin of the nuzgul! Maybe I'll dig that out and start it up again. Always, Allie



Re: Nugzuls - Classification

Maybe I'll dig that out and start it up again. Oh, absolutely, you must! It will be both fun to read as well as educational. BTW, did you catch Lyllyn's short piece on Nuzgul Bites Among the HA List Population (I think that's the correct title)? You might want to check it out for "research purposes" It's here. Amanda.



Re: Nugzuls - Classification

Oh, Allie, I *love* Bryn's stories! Please do dig your story out... I'm sure it will be hilarious! - Barbara



Re: Nugzuls - Classification

The first part of Observation of the Common Nuzgul is posted. Do visit the lecture hall as well. Always, Allie (also AM: researcher of HADSI)



Re: Nugzuls - Classification

Your intrepid predecessors in the field of Nuzgûl research have left these documents whch you can use in footnotes for that proper scientific feel... Lyllyn's article. Klose's article. Bless you, my child, and don't let Gimli sell you the discount armor.



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